5 Reasons You Need a Mini 4-Door Hardtop Carbon Edition

Source: Mini

As the gear heads at Mini Cooper dust off their metric socket set and prepare to build their Hardtop Four-Door Carbon Editions in their Cowley, Oxfordshire, U.K. plant, just 150 are earmarked for the U.S.A. Love the Mini Cooper Hardtop but need a functional backseat? Is the normal four-door too common for you? Find the GTI too pedestrian, and you don’t like to be shouty about your rare acquisitions? If you fall into any of those categories, here are five solid reasons that the 2016 Mini Cooper S Hardtop (breathe) Four-Door Carbon Edition should be at the top of your shopping list.

1. Its power is profound

Source: Mini

The Hardtop Four-Door Cooper S Carbon registers an aggressive 208 horsepower, thanks to the JCW tuning kit and valve equipped exhaust. While that isn’t the most powerful Mini in a four-door, (the full John Cooper Works kit boasts 228 horsepower), it is by far zippier than the standard 189 horsepower four-door. That makes it about as powerful as the VW GTI, the affordable hot-hatch high-water mark.

2. The interior is luxury sport personified

Interior of a non-Carbon Cooper S. Source: Mini

With a panoramic sunroof, JCW steering wheel, heated seats, plenty of technology via an 8.8-inch infotainment screen, and super premium sound by Harmon Kardon, Mini has designed a way for you drive a sports car whilst being swaddled in luxury. Let’s just say Baby Moses would have enjoyed his float down the river more had it been in the Mini Cooper Hardtop Four-Door Carbon Edition. We sat in some Minis at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and can confirm that the interiors punch well above their weight.

3. The exterior is better looking than you are, and it knows it

Source: Mini

It starts with a matte black finish, red accents down the sides, all black dual-spoked wheels, and the JCW aerodynamic kit, and finishes with a plethora of carbon accents.  If you were this good looking from head to toe, high school would have been more fun for you.

4. The price is reasonable

Source: Mini

At around $37,000 MSRP, this is one car that’s unlikely to trigger a divorce, and if you’ve already been given the green light to buy a Mini Four-Door, these are options that are both affordable and justifiable. In the event that you haven’t been given the green light by your spouse, tell them the staff at Autos Cheat Sheet said you could, no, should. It’s the least we can do.

5. It’s exclusive

Source: Mini

As you well know, rare things are more fun — both now and in the future. Don’t believe me? Just ask someone who has a Cord, and then ask someone who has a Ford. The good news? With only 150 being made, there is a solid chance you’ll be the only person in your entire state to own one, provided that at least 100 will likely end up being owned by Jay Leno. The bad news? Given that owning a Mini Cooper is like being a part of a big German-speaking British family, you’ll probably know every other owner.

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