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The Toyota Camry is a favorite of midsize car drivers. The price is reasonable, and ToyotaCare is a beneficial addition to buying a new Toyota. But this car only scored marginally better than the Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy.

In the owner satisfaction category, the Accord and Legacy scored higher in certain areas. In the end, the Camry still pulled out ahead.

Why the Toyota Camry is #1

Based on the scores provided by Consumer Reports, the 2021 Toyota Camry scored 88 out of 100. Also, the price was very competitive. The base price for this vehicle is $24,970 to $35,545.

“The Camry offers sleeker styling, but it’s the improved fuel economy and handling, plus standard advanced safety systems, that distinguish it among the crowd of midsized sedans.”

Consumer Reports

Out of the other midsize cars on the list, the Camry had a higher predicted reliability and owner satisfaction than the others. The predicted owner satisfaction is calculated by a few categories: driving experience, comfort, and value.

With a 77, 69, and 57, this Toyota car scored fairly well. The combined overall mileage came in at 32 miles per gallon. This was an estimated annual fuel cost of $900.

The Camry is offered in four engine types. A 2.5-liter 4 with 206 hp and a 2.5L 4 hybrid with 208 hp. The other options are a 2.5L 4 with 203 hp and a 3.5L V6 with 301 hp. It comes with an eight-speed automatic or CVT.

Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy

The 2021 Honda Accord came in at 84 out of 100. Priced between $24,970 and $36,900, it just barely overtook the Legacy. The Subaru Legacy is priced at $22,895 to $36,145. It scored a similar 84.

Both cars scored a three out of five in predicted reliability and four out of five for predicted owner satisfaction. Also, the Legacy and Accord scored an 89 on the CR road test.

Honda actually came in pretty high for the owner satisfaction categories. 81 for the driving experience, 70 for comfort, and 59 for value. The Legacy scored 71 for the driving experience, 92 for comfort, and 69 for value.

The Honda combined overall mileage was 31, with an annual fuel cost of $935. The Subaru was a bit below the other two, with 28 miles per gallon combined. The annual fuel cost was much higher, though, at $1,040.

The Accord comes in three engine types. A 1.5L 4 turbo with 192 hp, 2L 4 hybrid with 212 hp, and a 2L 4 turbo with 252 hp. The Legacy only comes with a 2.4L 4 turbo option getting 260 hp and a 2.5L 4 getting 182 hp.

The Camry remains king


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Based on these five factors, the Camry was ahead in most of the categories. The Accord and Legacy did beat it in the owner satisfaction sub-categories. That means no matter which car you land on; you have a solid car.