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Who wants to buy a minivan in 2022? Well, everyone who wants an SUV should get a minivan instead. Everyone who wants a fuel-efficient, spacious vehicle for a fair price should get one. The new and used car markets are still in a bad spot as of 2022, so finding the right vehicle can be complex. Here are 5 reasons to buy a minivan in 2022.

Reasons to buy a minivan in 2022: more space inside

A black 2022 Chrysler Pacifica is driving in snow, there are a few reasons to buy a minivan in 2022.
A black 2022 Chrysler Pacifica is driving in snow | Christopher Evans/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

Do you have a big family that likes to go on road trips or just to the store together? You’ll need plenty of space inside your vehicle. Not only do minivans provide more interior space for cargo and passengers than SUVs or cars, but they’re also more comfortable. Minivans are designed to have as much space as possible for those who need it.

According to Car and Driver, minivans’ low floors and deep cargo wells provide ample cargo space. These features make it so even when filled with six or more passengers, luggage, strollers, and other large items fit inside. Not to mention, the ability to slide, fold, and remove seats makes for even more space when needed. That’s something you can’t do with an SUV, truck, or car.

Buy a minivan for the sliding rear doors

Have you ever tried to load something in the rear doors of an SUV or other vehicle? Sometimes it can be challenging, depending on the size of what you’re carrying. Sliding rear doors make loading anything inside a simple task. Whether it’s cargo, passengers, or a child into a car seat, sliding doors make it as easy as possible. Plus, every minivan on the market has automatic doors that open and close with the press of a button.

Additionally, if adults are getting into the back of your car, sliding rear doors make it much more manageable. After folding or sliding the second-row seats forward, adults can easily walk into the third row of seats through the sliding doors. The same goes for loading cargo into the back if the trunk is packed with items.

Saftey, driver assistance, and tech features

2022 Honda minivan, there are a few reasons to buy a minivan in 2022.
2022 Honda Step WGN minivan | Honda

Modern minivans are as well-equipped with safety and driver-assistance features as any other model. Prioritize your family’s safety with things like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and more. The highest trim levels of minivans are luxury vehicles, as they come with so many bells and whistles your head will spin.

Although there’s a stigma around the style of minivans, it isn’t very sensible. When a vehicle can do everything an SUV can do but better, why is the SUV still more popular? All-wheel drive, hybrid powertrains, and next-level technology fill the list of features minivans have. If that’s not enough, there’s almost always an entertainment system upgrade available to keep little ones entertained as they sit in the back for a long (or short) road trip.

The Kia Carnival is a minivan in disguise

The 2022 Kia Carnival MPV, there are a few reasons to buy a minivan in 2022.
2022 Kia Carnival | Kia

Still not convinced about buying a minivan in 2022? Most people don’t want a minivan because of the way it looks. They don’t want to be labeled a “soccer mom” or seem uncool because of the stigma surrounding the class of vehicles. However, there’s a model in the market that does everything the minivan does without the traditional design.

According to Kia, the 2022 Kia Carnival isn’t a minivan; it’s a multi-purpose vehicle. It does everything a minivan does right down to the sliding rear doors, but it’s designed to resemble an SUV. It’s becoming more and more popular because of the capability it provides, without the style of the less popular minivan segment.

We’re in a strange time as far as car-buying goes. Right now and for the last few years, thanks to the chip shortage, supply and demand decide what you’ll pay for a vehicle. For instance, the Ford Bronco is so highly sought after it’s been marked up by dealerships for double the MSRP. However, less popular models don’t budge at all. Vehicles that aren’t in demand are not only available and waiting on dealer lots; they’re sold for retail price, which dealers can’t say for most.

As we previously mentioned, the minivan stigma makes people avoid buying them for the most part. That’s finally become a good thing because you can get one for retail price in most places. While everything else is being marked up or is completely unavailable, minivans are waiting for you to claim them. Depending on your location and which brand you choose, availability will vary.

There are 5 reasons to buy a minivan in 2022

In conclusion, minivans are one of the best family vehicles on the market. If you need space for passengers and cargo and plenty of features to boot, a minivan is perfect for you. With the addition of models like the Kia Carnival, which is void of the minivan design, you can ride in a disguised model to avoid the “soccer mom” vibes. Lastly, in a market controlled by supply and demand, minivans might be available for retail in many locations.


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