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It seems as though everyday car manufacturers are announcing a new EV model that promises even more options than the last. Toyota’s bZ4X is Toyota’s only SUV EV offering on the market to date, but how does it stand up to the competition? Here are five reasons to buy a 2023 Toyota bZ4X over a Kia EV6.

1. The bZ4X has more standard range

A silver 2023 Toyota bZ4X parked indoors.
2023 Toyota bZ4X | Getty Images

One of the most essential features of an EV is how much range you can get from a charge. The fear of driving an electric vehicle and running out of power without being able to find a charging station in time to recharge the battery is known as range anxiety, and it can be a deciding factor for many consumers. To address this concern, manufacturers are working to increase the range.

Toyota gave the bZ4X a 63.4-kWh battery pack in the single-motor version and a 65.5-kWh pack in the upgraded dual-motor model, resulting in 242 and 252 miles of range for the Limited and XLE. On the other hand, the standard-range, rear-wheel-drive EV6 Light has an EPA estimated range of 232 miles.

2. The bZ4X has more standard horsepower

The bZ4X has more standard horsepower than the EV6. It can deliver 201 hp with 196 lb-ft. The bZ4X only has two trim levels, and the top-tier all-wheel drive model gets a slightly higher 214 hp.

The EV6 base model rear-drive example has a smaller battery and just 167 hp. However, the EV6 can be upgraded at higher trims. The EV6 gets 225 hp with rear-wheel drive or 320 hp with all-wheel drive.

3. The bZ4X has more ground clearance

Ground clearance is an issue with EVs because the batteries are under the car. The bZ4X has one of the better ground clearances for an EV, with 8.1 inches. The EV6 has only 6.1 inches of ground clearance.

4. The bZ4X has better fuel economy

According to Car and Driver, the bZ4X is rated as high as 131 MPGe in the city and up to 107 MPGe on the highway. The single-motor EV6 has a combined EPA rating of up to 117 MPGe; the dual-motor variant is rated at 105 MPGe. 

5. The bZ4X has more maximum cargo capacity

Considering that EVs don’t need to take up space with an engine or transmission, it seems they would have cargo space for days. However, this isn’t the case. All the components that power the vehicles are on the underside of the car; for now, the battery takes up a lot of room. For this reason, some EVs have more cargo space than others.

The EV6 has 24.4 cubic feet of cargo space. The bZ4X, on the other hand, has 27.7 cubic feet of cargo space. 


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The EV6 is available in four trim levels, ranging from $40,900 to $55,900. The base Light has a smaller battery and is rear-wheel drive only. With all-wheel drive as an option, the Wind has a larger battery for a more extended range. However, the Toyota bZ4X has only two trims starting at $42,000 and $46,700. 

As you can see, the bZ4X has better features for less. Even though the base price is slightly higher than the EV6, you can get one that is fully loaded for nearly $10,000 less than the top-tier EV6. For this reason, and the reasons listed above, the bZ4X is a better value for the money.