5 Reasons Why the Hyundai Ioniq is Better than the Honda Insight

Hybrid cars have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade with the Toyota Prius being the most ubiquitous. However, automakers like Honda and Hyundai have thrown their hats into the race in the past couple of years with the debut of the new Insight and the Ioniq, respectively. Which made us take a closer look at these lesser-known hybrids and compare them. Here are 5 ways in which we found that the Hyundai Ioniq is actually better than the Honda Insight.

Dual-Clutch Transmission

Most, if not all, hybrid car shoppers probably won’t care if the car that they’re looking at has a CVT transmission or not. Quite frankly, we don’t blame them, as the only part of the transmission that should matter is that the car goes forward when it’s put in “drive.”

However, being car nerds and gear heads, we like that the Hyundai Ioniq uses a six-speed dual-clutch transmission as opposed to a CVT – like the one found in the Honda Insight – because having fixed gears makes the car feel a little more “normal” when driving. Sure, the car might be more responsive with a CVT and could possibly get better mileage, but we don’t think the Ioniq has too much trouble with that.

Better Fuel Economy

Nope, as we just stated, the Hyundai Ioniq definitely does not have any issues in the fuel-economy department. According to the EPA estimates, the Ioniq achieves 57 mpg in the city and 59 mpg on the highway, which bests the Honda Insight’s 55 city/49 highway estimates.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq

Better warranty

This part goes without saying, however, we always want to remind any prospective car buyers to be privy to the car’s warranty before they buy. In this case, the Hyundai Ionic is backed by the brand’s renowned 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, while the Honda Insight’s basic warranty is only for 3-year/36,000 miles.

Easier-to-use interior

It’s tough to design an interior layout and we’ll give the Honda Insight credit on its futuristic design. And while the shifter buttons that Honda incorporated might seem like a nice touch, we like that Hyundai went for a normal shifter lever with the Ioniq. There are also fewer buttons to fiddle with in the Ioniq and the instrument panel is laid out more intuitively. You can never please everyone when it comes to interior design, but at least the Ioniq makes it easy for occupants of all ages.

Hyundai Ioniq Interior

More Cargo Volume

While we like that the Honda Insight looks more like a normal car compared to others in the hybrid class, we like even more that the Hyundai Ioniq has more versatility with its hatchback shape. As such, the Ioniq provides more cargo room than that the Honda Insight, measuring in at a total 25.5 cubic feet as opposed to the Insight’s 15.1 cubic feet.

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Rear

Better or not, it’s definitely unique

While these five reasons might not be clear-cut deciding factors when choosing between a Hyundai Ioniq and Honda Insight, they may be things to consider if you’re in the market for a hybrid. The Ioniq comes competitively priced as well, starting at $23,200 for the base Ioniq Blue and up to $31,200 for the top Limited trim level.

Make sure to check your local dealers as we have seen some significant price drops due to the current state of car sales. And while we can’t say that the Hyundai Ioniq is overall “better” than the Honda Insight, we can say that it brings a unique touch to the segment and is definitely worth a look.