5 Reasons the Honda Insight Is Better than the Toyota Prius Prime

Out of all the car segments in the market today, the hybrid category has to be one of the toughest to compete in. It seems like almost every automaker currently has a hybrid entrant in their lineup and with technology getting better and better every year, it’s no surprise that they have to bring their “A-game” when building a hybrid.

Two heavy competitors are the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius Prime. Sure, one is a regular hybrid while the other benefits from plug-in capability, but they each have their advantages and disadvantages. As such, here are five ways in which the Honda Insight is better than the Toyota Prius Prime.

It looks like a regular car

It’s a bit of a cheap shot because we admit that the Toyota Prius Prime does look a lot better than the standard Prius model, however, the Honda Insight looks like a normal car. Honda intended for the Insight to slot right in between the Civic and the Accord and they did a great job in engineering some wind-cheating elements to aid in the aerodynamics of the car.

2019 Honda Insight
2019 Honda Insight | Honda

Lower starting price

The Honda Insight starts at around $22,000 while the Prius Prime starts at around $27,000. Yes, we know that the Prius Prime is a plug-in and of course, it’s going to cost more than its regular hybrid stablemate. However, the cost is everything when it comes to shopping for efficiency and in that case, the Honda Insight is the more-affordable option.

Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota

Road departure mitigation

While both cars come with their brand’s respective suite of driver-assist features, the one thing that the Toyota Safety Sense doesn’t have that Honda Sensing does is Road Departure Mitigation. These features provides some steering effort when the camera reads that your Honda Insight is steering outside the driving lines. Does that mean that the Insight is safer? Not necessarily, but it’s a great feature to have nonetheless.

2019 Honda Insight

More overall passenger volume

The Honda Insight has a total of 97.1 cubic feet of overall passenger volume while the Prius Prime has 91.5. That’s surprising, considering the Prius Prime is a hatchback and we would think that it would be inherently bigger, however, the Honda Insight boasts a little more room. That further reinforces our sentiments about the Insight looking like a regular car.

2020 Honda Insight

What’s the Difference Between the Toyota Prius and Prius Prime?

More horsepower

When shopping for a hybrid, there’s probably a good chance that you won’t care about horsepower, however, just know that the Honda Insight has more. How much more? About 30 horsepower more, which is a lot for a hybrid. The Prius Prime is rated at 121 while the Insight is rated at 151 horsepower.

David vs Goliath?

When comparing the Honda Insight to the Toyota Prius Prime, we feel it’s almost like comparing David to Goliath since the Prius Prime has the added benefit of a bigger battery and running on all-electric plug-in power. However, it’s clear that Honda knows how to hold its own when it comes to playing in the hybrid field, and the Insight is definitely a front-runner. In case you’re looking at buying a hybrid, we recommend checking one out.