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The Ford Ranger Tremor is back and, unlike the last Ranger outfitted with a Tremor package, the upgrade is more than just for appearances. The all-new, off-road-ready Ranger is beefed up with a FOS 2.0 suspension for more travel, larger tires for an extra lift and more clearance, as well as a couple of hoop steps and recovery hooks for some added utility.

One of the Ford Ranger Tremors most formidable opponents comes in the form of the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, which has been around for a while and provides off-road enthusiasts with a package that’s hard to beat. However, here are five reasons in which the 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor is a better off-road truck than the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

The Ford Ranger Tremor costs less than the Tacoma TRD Pro

OK, so this point isn’t exactly about either truck’s off-road worthiness, however, we did want to point out the fact that since the Ranger Tremor is a package, as opposed to an actual trim level, you can equip the cheaper Ranger XLT model with it to save some money. According to Ford’s configurator, a Ranger XLT 4×4 outfitted with the Tremor package will set you back $42,545. On the flip side, the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro starts at $44,175, which isn’t too much more, but every penny counts.

an orange ford ranger tremor climbing up rocks
New Tremor Off-Road Package available on 2021 Ranger creates the most off-road-ready factory-built Ranger ever offered in the U.S. | Ford

The Ford Ranger Tremor has more torque

While the Tremor package doesn’t add any extra power under the hood, the Ford Ranger does still have more torque than the Tacoma TRD Pro. That’s pretty surprising, considering the Ranger is powered by a turbocharged 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine. However, that powerplant does put out 270 hp and a whopping 310 lb-ft of torque, which bests the Tacoma V6’s torque output by 45. And we all know that torque is what you need most when it comes to off-roading.

The Ford Ranger Tremor has a higher tow capacity and payload

In addition to more torque, the Ford Ranger Tremor also has a higher tow and payload capacity than the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. The Ranger Tremor can tow up to 7,500 pounds and haul up to 1,860 pounds while the Tacoma can tow up to 6,400 pounds and has a payload rating of 1,155 pounds. Those small differences could make a big difference when it comes to taking care of certain off-road duties.

 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor going through a muddy path
2021 Ford Ranger Tremor| Ford

Two words: Trail Control

While the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro does have a Crawl control and a few other traction systems to get you up and down the hills safely, the Ford Ranger has the same types of systems that include Trail Control. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Trail Control is a driver-activated system that manages the throttle and brakes to maintain a constant speed between 1 and 20 mph. Think of it like cruise control for the off-road trails.

a shot of the ranger tremor's suspension
2021 Ranger creates the most off-road-ready factory-built Ranger ever offered in the U.S. | Ford

Auxiliary switches

The Ford Ranger Tremor comes with six auxiliary switches on the dashboard in case you want to hook up any extra accessories, like lighting, to it. Ford apparently knows that serious off-road enthusiasts don’t like to keep things stock, so these switches will enable you to add your own personal touch and added safety. Additionally, Ford also has over 200 accessories that you can equip your Ranger with, so you can turn into a sweet overlanding vehicle.

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Auxiliary switches
2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Auxiliary switches | Ford

The Ford Ranger Tremor Shakes up the Competition