5 Reasons the Ford Pickup Is Still the Most Sold Truck on Earth

Ford trucks are undeniable in their popularity. They are like the swiss army knife of the auto world. Want luxury and modern tech? Check. Are you after off-roading capability? Handled. Is the versatility of massive cargo something you need? The pickup truck has it covered.

2020 Ford pickup trucks in a field
2020 Ford F-150 line up

All that plus epic towing capacity and a range of trim options are all elements going into what makes the Ford pickup so special. But do that many people really buy one? Yeah, they do and they have been for decades. Still to this day, Ford trucks are the most sold truck on earth. But how do they hold that title?

The Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is America’s best-selling vehicle. It has been since 1977, when the first Star Wars movie hit the big screen. Ford loves to remind everyone how well their truck sells, too. But we’ll admit it might be tough to practice humility when you’re doing so well. The Ford F-150 alone makes up a huge chunk of Ford truck sales.

From the Ford F-150 Raptor inspired by the dune hopping Baja rigs to the Limited trim luxury F-150, to the city truck marketed as the Tremor. Even a Mexican version called the Ford Lobo. The Ford F-150 dominates the truck scene.

The F-Series

Another reason why Ford sells so many trucks is that its truck sales are lumped into the entire F-series in terms of sales numbers. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find numbers for just the F-150.

Last year, the Ford F-Series –– which includes the F-250 and the F-350 models as well –– sold nearly 900,000 units. A number they’ve maintained for 3 years and running. According to GoodCarBadCar the F-Series sold 896,330 units in 2017, 909,330 in 2018, and 896,526 in 2019 in the US alone.

North America loves pickup trucks

There’s no getting around it. We love our trucks. Trucks are the most popular vehicle in the United States. But the best selling F-Series is the most popular vehicle in Canada, too.

In North America, trucks are dominant in the way of auto sales every year going back several years. And Ford is always at the top of the list. If you combine Canada and the US sales numbers, the F-Series has sold over one million trucks per year since 2017.

Legendary Ford brand loyalty

The Ford pickup truck has to be the most iconic Ford model behind only the Model T. Ford is American born and bred, and it’s part of Detroit’s big three. The F-150 is in its thirteenth generation. It’s been the US leader since 1977, but the Ford F-Series has been in production since 1948. That kind of longevity has inspired some serious brand loyalty.

a white 2020 Ford F-150 on a construction job
2020 Ford F-150 | Ford Media

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Work trucks and SUVs

The numbers we typically see don’t include commercial work trucks or the Ford Expedition. Yet these remain relevant in terms of Ford trucks. If we were to add the sales volume of the commercial segment and the Ford Expedition (which sold over 50,000 units last year) the numbers would speak for themselves. And don’t forget the Ford Ranger’s return to the lineup last year. They all add up.

2020 Ford Expedition
2020 Ford Expedition

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The Ford pickup truck is the most sold truck on Earth

Though the Toyota Hilux is more wide-spread and dominates some of the most rugged continents on Earth, its global sales are half what the F-series sales are in the US alone. The Ford pickup truck with its F-150 and heavy-duty haulers is the worldwide best-seller in terms of pickup trucks. With RAM and Chevrolet locked in the battle for second place. One of these days, another pickup might surpass Ford. As of today, however, the F-series is still the most sold truck in the entire world.