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The Ram Revolution Concept is revolutionary for the automaker. Stellantis brand Ram produces one of the most popular full-size trucks in America. The Ram Revolution will take the baton and trek through uncharted territory for the brand. Here’s why it’ll shock the world.

1. The Ram Revolution is Ram’s first EV

Electric vehicles were once taboo. Now it’s hard to drive for 30 minutes without spotting a Tesla or two in most major cities. It’s no secret that some of the largest automakers on planet Earth are pouring billions of dollars into the development of a portfolio of electric vehicles. EVs produce fewer carbon emissions (if any) than internal combustion engine vehicles.

Many brands aim to be completely carbon-neutral in the decades to come. So, the first few electric vehicle nameplates produced by a company are pretty historic for every brand. These EVs will either be well-received or passed on in favor of more popular alternatives. Ram’s first electric vehicle is coming slightly later than EVs from rivals, but it has the opportunity to be just as impactful as other EVs.

2. The Ram REV is a Ram 1500 relative

A gray Ram Revolution full-size electric pickup truck concept is parked.
The Ram Revolution Concept | Ram

The Ram Revolution Concept, or Ram REV, is related to the Ram 1500 nameplate. There’s no way of telling how close the two trucks align yet, but the Ram 1500 is a great reference point for the EV to draw inspiration from. After all, the Ram 1500 is one of the most popular trucks in the country. So, if the Ram Revolution has any Ram 1500 characteristics baked into its design language, prepare to be impressed.

3. The Ram Revolution will compete with the best in its segment

It’s one thing to come to market, but it’s another thing entirely to arrive and immediately be compared with the best in the segment. The Ford F-150 Lightning is currently the best affordable electric pickup truck on the market. The Rivian R1T is more powerful and capable, but it’s too pricey for the average driver.

The Ram REV will be compared to the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning upon its arrival because of the success of the Ram 1500 nameplate. Consumers have high expectations for Ram’s electric pickup truck, which can be a blessing and a curse. If the Ram Revolution impresses the masses, the brand will have a surefire hit on its hands. Look out, Ford. Ram’s comin’ for ya.

4. Ram’s electric pickup truck will be eligible for tax incentives

A gray Ram Revolution electric full-size pickup truck is parked.
The Ram Revolution | Ram

American-made electric vehicles are eligible for the full federal electric vehicle tax credit once they meet all additional requirements. Since the Ram Revolution will be Ram’s first EV and one of the first Stellantis EVs to hit the scene, it will undoubtedly qualify for tax incentives. This will reduce the electric pickup truck’s price significantly once the tax credit is redeemed.

5. The Ram Revolution Concept debuted some incredible potential features

The Ram Revolution Concept debut teased plenty of amazing features. The truck has a Shadow Mode, which allows it to safely follow a driver that has exited the vehicle. The electric pickup truck showed off midgate seats. These third-row jump seats create more passenger seating. According to, the concept even has a retractable steering wheel. The Ram Revolution is shaping up to be one of the most exciting electric vehicles of the last few years by far.


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