5 Reasons New Hypercars Should Be Important To You

It seems like there is almost no need to pay attention to hypercars because for the most part, they are unattainable. They are the rarest, most expensive cars in the world and even if you could afford one you still have to be specially selected to be allowed the opportunity to purchase them. Hypercars do have importance for general consumers though because the styling, features, and technology of hypercars is what inspires constant progress in the world of high production cars that we see each and every day.

New technology

Because the competition for the fastest hypercars is constantly evolving, that means engineers must constantly develop new technology to improve safety. These new safety features eventually make their way into our more common high production cars that are more attainable.

Better designs

Hypercars are known for their outrageous styling, aggressive aerodynamics and new-aged designs that make them more and more intricate year after year. These designs become more common and set the stage for each hypercar manufacturer’s future of lower-end production cars as well.

2020 Acura NSX is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

We see this with cars like Acura, where the new NSX headlight design inspired the headlights of more common Acura models. These designs can become the iconic features of the cars an average consumer is more likely to buy.

The future of speed

Hypercars are constantly being revamped and re-engineered to outperform each other, and it seems like the battle for the fastest car is never-ending. Decades ago, a car that had a top speed of 200mph was considered incredible and unthinkable, but hypercars today are pushing upwards of 300mph as a top speed, and there’s no end in sight for how fast the future of cars can really get.

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As hypercars get faster, companies develop new drivetrain modifications as well as safety features that make our everyday cars that much better to drive. While your Toyota Camry won’t be hitting that 300mph mark, the popularity and engineering of faster and faster cars evolve along with hypercars.

Use of flagship features in production cars

Hypercars introduce new designs and features that will later be shared by their more popular production cars. Things like headlight design might not be exactly replicated, but we see the inspiration that hypercars have on lower model cars that are more attainable, and it gives us each a little bit of that hypercar design.

2021 Lotus Evjia Hypercar | Lotus-3
2021 Lotus Evjia Hypercar | Lotus

They motivate us

Hypercars aren’t just incredibly, ridiculously expensive, they are almost completely unattainable for a majority of the world’s population. Even if you could afford a supercar, your chances of being selected to purchase one are almost none. Just because many of us won’t ever own hypercars doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be motivated by their existence.

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One way hypercars motivate us is that they help us set our goals high, and even the goal isn’t necessary to own a hypercar in our life, that doesn’t mean we don’t strive to own cars that are fun but more attainable, like some supercars.