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As a new motorcycle rider, choosing a bike that fits your body, fulfills your needs, and falls within your budget is crucial. Several manufacturers make small-displacement models, but the entry-level 2023 Honda Rebel 500 is a great cruiser bike for beginners. Although it’s not perfect for every new rider, the following five advantages make this motorcycle worth considering.

1. Affordable pricing

2023 Rebel 500, great cruiser motorcycle for beginners
2023 Rebel 500 | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda lists the MSRP for the 2023 Rebel 500 at $6,449 plus $600 in fees. Buying a motorcycle that feels like a good deal is essential, especially for beginners. That’s because the bike might sit for days, weeks, or even months as foul weather makes riding unenjoyable or unsafe. Also, getting a second riding season under your belt is challenging if you sell the bike in the middle of its first winter with you. 

2. Comfortable design 

The Honda Rebel 500 is perfect for beginners thanks to its manageable size and ergonomic design. Autotrader says the Rebel 500’s low-slung 27.2-inch seat height makes it comfortable for riders under six feet tall. And at 408 pounds, including a full tank of gas, it delivers a higher horsepower-to-weight ratio than some larger cruisers. In addition, the parallel twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled four-stroke design provides predictable power. 

3. Easy handling 

The Honda Rebel 500’s low center of gravity, predictable power delivery, and comfortable seating position allow confident handling at highway speeds and low-speed maneuvers. Also, its low seat height and slim profile allow most riders, even those with short inseams, to plant both feet on either side of the bike to make stopping and reversing stress-free. 

4. Solid warranty

American Honda Motor Company backs the Rebel 500 with a one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty and offers optional extended coverage through the HondaCare Protection Plan. Although the original one-year warranty covers more equipment, the extended warranty includes defective materials and factory workmanship of most major mechanical components. It also includes roadside assistance with limited towing, locksmith services, and up to two gallons of “fluid delivery.”

5. ABS model available 

The 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS model has a critical safety feature for new riders: an antilock braking system (ABS). And because this trim is only $300 more than the base model, it’s recommended for nearly every rider. On a motorcycle, the ability to apply maximum stopping power without locking the brakes and losing traction by skidding a tire is crucial. ABS works to apply and release braking pressure rapidly to prevent locking the brakes. 

These Honda Rebel 500 accessories will improve the ride

The 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS model is an excellent choice for a beginner, but some motorcycle accessories will make this model easier to live with down the road. First, the stock seat is uncomfortable and doesn’t allow passengers. Ditch that for a good aftermarket dual seat and passenger footpegs as soon as you’re comfortable. Next, adding some cargo capacity — like a rack on the back or saddlebags — to carry more stuff will make the bike more versatile. 


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