5 Reasons Buying a 2021 Toyota Sienna Is Smarter Than Buying an SUV

The Toyota Sienna was redesigned for the 2021 model year and now sports a new look and bevy of tech-savvy features. Additionally, the interior was redesigned with a new, futuristic look and is filled with enough cubby spaces, storage solutions, and cupholders to keep your whole family satisfied. It drives smooth as well, which made me think; instead of buying a three-row SUV for your family, it’s probably smarter to buy a new Sienna. Here are five reasons why.

The 2021 Sienna can tow

Let me guess, you don’t want to buy a minivan because you have to tow that trailer, camper, car, or whatever, right? Well, you might not have that excuse when you realize that the 2021 Toyota Sienna has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. And while that might sound like much compared to your average SUV, it’s probably more than enough for whatever you do tow. Even if it’s only once a year.

a front shot of the 2021 Toyota Sienna in the desert
2021 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

The Sienna can haul

Are you worried about having enough room for your whole family and all of their stuff? You’re in luck because that’s what a minivan was made for. The Sienna has seating for up to eight passengers in the lower trim levels and seven passengers in the higher trims.

What’s even better is that you can stow the third row easily into the cargo floor and slide the second-row seats forward to reveal up to 101 cubic-feet of cargo volume behind the front seats. When doing so, you’ll be able to fit longer items that need hauling.

An interior shot of the 2021 Toyota Sienna cargo room with seats folded
2021 Toyota Sienna cargo | Joe Santos/MotorBiscuit

The Toyota Sienna only comes as a hybrid now

I know, you need a massive SUV because of the larger V6 engine so that you can get up that steep driveway of yours, right? Well, unlike the Siennas of the past, the 2021 model no longer comes with a V6 engine under the hood. Instead, it’s now only available with a hybrid powertrain.

Before you scoff at that, consider that the powertrain consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that’s mated to an electric motor for a combined output of 245 hp. All of that power is routed through a CVT and out to all four wheels. That’s right, the Sienna is available with all-wheel drive, and it can also achieve an EPA-estimated 35 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

2021 Toyota Sienna hybrid badge
2021 Toyota Sienna | Toyota

Rear-seat entertainment

If you have kids, then they probably all have their own smart devices to keep them occupied, which is why an SUV sounds attractive to you. But let’s not forget that the all-new Toyota Sienna is available with a rear-seat entertainment system complete with an 11-inch screen, a remote control, and wireless headphones. And if you’re family doesn’t care about that, then they’ll probably care about the convenient USB charging ports and volume controls in the second and third-row seats.

2021 Toyota Sienna rear-seat entertainment
2021 Toyota Sienna rear-seat entertainment | Joe Santos/MotorBiscuit

Loads of technology

Aside from the rear-seat entertainment system, the Sienna is also available with a number of tech-rich features. Some of the most notable features include a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 10-inch head-up display, Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatibility, and a premium JBL sounds system. Also, higher trims like the Sienna Platinum come with a hands-free power tailgate and sliding side doors for when your hands are full.

2021 Toyota Sienna hands-free cargo tailgate
2021 Toyota Sienna hands-free cargo tailgate | Toyota

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