5 New Car Features Consumer Reports Loves

New car features are all the rage. The speed of automotive technology is almost as fast as Apple comes out with new iPhones. The lines at the Apple store are always long when new phones release. The same is true in a virtual sense for new high-demand EVs. Considering the advancement of new car technology, these are some new car features Consumer Reports says you should look for in your next car, truck, or SUV.

Automatic High Beams are one of the best new car features offered

Automatic High Beams are a headlight feature that switches between high and low beams once you set them. The sensors of your vehicle detect oncoming traffic to switch them off. This avoids blinding other drivers on the road. Setting these lights to work automatically removes the trouble of turning them on and off whenever you pass other cars.

Consumer Reports says Automatic High Beams are worth the money, even as an option. In some cases, these lights are standard on all trims.

You should have a new vehicle with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS of your vehicle alerts you with a warning when your tires are underinflated. Most new cars include this technology on all trims. Some cars have real-time tire pressure in the dashboard screens, which allows you to check the pressure anytime you desire. Some cars even honk the horn when the tire reaches the correct pressure, allowing you to feel more confident you have properly inflated tires.

Forget the monthly tire pressure check; new cars include a TPMS, which does the work for you. Some GM, Jeep, and Nissan models include the horn honking feature once the tires are at the correct pressure.

Phone-Based Apps used for navigation and entertainment are excellent new car features

Split Screen View for Android Auto
Split Screen View for Android Auto | Wikimedia Commons

It’s 2023, and most of us are familiar with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In many cars, these connectivity features have gone wireless, making connecting even easier. Consumer Reports suggest looking for wireless systems to ensure a smooth and easy connection.

Why should you enjoy phone-based apps? Typically, smartphone navigation features are easier to use. Additionally, many drivers have their music playlists downloaded to their phones from Spotify, or other music sources. Using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto makes both navigation and entertainment much easier.

Keyless or Phone-Based Entry and Go are desirable new car technology features

Keyless Entry Button on Door Handle
Keyless Entry Button on Door Handle | General Motors

Going keyless is an excellent way to drive. Many new cars offer a keyless entry-and-go feature. This allows you to keep the key fob in your pocket, touch a small button on the handle, and step inside the vehicle. Imagine getting caught in the rain while trying to dig to the bottom of your purse for the key fob; this can be avoided when you have keyless entry.

Some cars now have a phone-based entry system that works like a keyless fob. A few vehicles also have a walk-away feature that locks the vehicle once the key fob or phone key is a specified distance away from the vehicle.

Advanced Camera Vision technology offers an excellent view

Since May 2018, rearview cameras have become mandatory on all new vehicles. A more advanced way to go is to find a vehicle with a high-resolution 360-degree surround-view camera system. It can be difficult to see around a car, especially large trucks, and SUVs. These vehicles have large blind spots. Surround-view cameras are one of the best new car features to ensure you have visibility where there used to be blind spots.

Next, check out car features you should skip or keep, or learn more about some of the best new car features in this video below:

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