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Many people assume that having their car stolen is something that happens to someone else. Your neighbor perhaps, or a friend of a friend. You hear about it on the news or read about it on Facebook. But it’s just another way the media peddles bad news in order to keep you tuned in, right? Besides, you live in the country, not the city. Unless it’s someone really close to you, it’s easy to just shake your head in sympathy and move on.

It’s also easy to assume that your new vehicle is too technologically advanced to be stolen, but that’s not always the case. Thieves are always learning new tricks to keep up with the new security trends coming out.

According to Left Lane, one method for stealing cars that is becoming popular is the keyless hack. Thieves use a relay hack that picks up signals that key fobs put out. Then amplifies the signal significantly so that the car unlocks itself. Using this technique, a thief can break into a car in seconds and be gone before you’ve finished paying for your coffee.

While it’s also easy to stereotype people and assume that you can look at someone to figure out if they’ll steal a car, think again. USA Today reports that four kids between the ages of 10 and 14 stole a car in Australia and went on a 600-mile joyride.

Another factor to consider is which cars are stolen with the most frequency. It depends on several factors like how valuable the car is, how powerful, or if it’s a rare car. According to USA Today, these are the five most stolen cars in America in 2019.

Dodge Charger HEMI

There’s a lot to love about a Dodge Charger, which is probably why it’s at the top of this list. According to Dodge, the Charger has up to “707 HP with the Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Hellcat V8 Engine,” and the most “technologically advanced available AWD system with a front-axle disconnect in its class.” With that much power, the Charger was bound to attract attention.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The name alone is enough to perk people up, but there’s more to a Hellcat than an awesome name. Top Speed had nothing but good things to say when it reported, “Charging from 0 to 60 mph takes 3.4 seconds, two tenths quicker than the regular Hellcat. Top speed increased from 199 to 203 mph.”

Infiniti QX50 4-door

For thieves, it’s not all about speed and muscle cars. It’s about hitting what’s popular, and crossovers are on the top of that list. Making the QX50 even more attractive is its 27 mpg combined city/highway fuel economy and new safety features like stop-and-go driving assistance.

Infiniti QX80

SUVs are becoming more consumer-friendly with better fuel economy, but Consumer Reports wasn’t exactly thrilled with the QX80. On the bright side, they did report, “Cargo volume is plentiful, and the small, power-folding third-row seat comes in handy to carry two kids.” For thieves looking to haul cargo or resale the vehicle, this would make the QX80 an attractive ride.

GMC Sierra 1500 crew-cab

Some people just love a good truck, and that’s why the GMC Sierra is probably number five on this list. Road and Track report that the 2019 model has some new updates like a MultiPro tailgate, a carbon-fiber bed, and a 10-speed automatic transmission. It may not be able to pull a million pounds, as Ford claims the new F-150 can, but it’s a great looking truck that draws attention wherever it goes.

Tips to keep car from being stolen

Tesla cars 90% less likely to be stolen than the average American car, so this is an option if you decide to go with a vehicle that is likely to be stolen.

If your dream car is on this list, however, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your ride.

Don’t leave valuables like purses or electronics out in the open. Reinforced window film can help prevent your windows from being broken open. Also, be aware of where you park your car. It’s easy to check the crime rate in particular neighborhoods now, so if you need to go to the store in an unfamiliar area, a quick search will tell you which one is safest.

Above all else, be aware of your surroundings. While there’s no series of techniques that will 100% guarantee your car won’t be stolen, you can protect yourself by being proactive.