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If you’re looking to buy an RV, chances are, you want it to actually take you places. After all, an RV that can’t move is basically just a house. And it’s always good when the RV’s amenities work too. So let’s look at the five most reliable RV brands of 2021.

RV camping at RV park
RV camping at RV park | MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images

This list was researched using the information provided by Motor1, and highlights the build quality and reliability of each of these brands. These RVs, motorhomes, trailers, and camper vans will vary in size and price. However, the brands are known for consistent quality throughout their models.

These are the most reliable RV brands of 2021

  1. Winnebago
  2. Liesure Travel Vans
  3. Grand Design RVs
  4. Newmar
  5. Airstream
The Winnebago Adventurer RV
The Winnebago Adventurer RV | Winnebago Industries via Getty Images

1. Winnebago is an old and trusted brand in the RV world

One of the oldest RV companies around, Winnebago has earned a strong reputation for building quality RVs at reasonable prices. The company was formed on February 18th, 1958, where they began building RVs in Iowa. Now, Winnebago has multiple facilities in Indiana, Oregon, Minnesota, and Florida.

There’s a Class A and C motorhome, camper van, and travel trailer for everyone’s needs. For example, the Class C Winnebego View starts at just under $90,000. Provided, that sounds expensive, but in truth, there’s no such thing as a cheap new RV. So if you’re looking to save money with a travel trailer, the Minnie and Micro Minnie series towable campers have you covered.

2. Leisure Travel Vans are compact and simple

Unlike Winnebago, who stick their fingers in many pies, Leisure Travel Vans specializes in camper vans. Their models are either built on the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter platforms, with one a step above the other in terms of luxury. However, the brand itself encompasses the idea of high quality in small quantities.

The Wonder, built on the Ford Transit platform, starts at $129,285, while the Unity on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is $150,615. Even with these newer models, the company has been through tough times, including a fire that destroyed the entire operation early on. They’ve been manufacturing RVs since 1959 before their facility burned to the ground in 1972, only to get back on the horse and open a dedicated factory to conversion camper vans in 1978.

3. Grand Design RVs lack any unstable engines

Grand Design is one of the highest-ranking RV manufacturers because they don’t actually build motorhomes. The company specializes in travel trailers, which have a distinct lack of an engine. Dedicating more time to the RV and worrying less about the engine it’s built around increases the quality of these towable campers and fifth-wheel trailers.

Unlike many manufacturers, Grand Design trailers are subjected to a 300-point inspection process outside of standard factory inspections. Just like Santa Claus, the brand checks all the RVs they build to ensure the build quality is strong.

4. Newmar Motorhomes are as prestigious as RVs get

Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome
Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome | Newmar

Like Leisure Camper Vans and Grand Design, Newmar specializes in a certain type of RV: Class A motorhomes. Their cheapest model, the Bay Star Sport, starts at $150,402. However, the median price throughout all their models is a whopping $570,759, with the most expensive motorhome starting at $1,399,664.

Those high prices are paired with Newmar’s unmatchable quality. These luxury motorhomes offer amenities closer to that of a house than an RV, such as tiled showers. And some of their motorhomes are built on the chassis of semi-trucks.

5. Airstream is another tried and tested name in the RV world

Airstream stainless steel trailer
Airstream aluminum trailer | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

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We’ve spiraled into luxury madness while looking at expensive motorhomes and RVs from ultra-luxury brands, but let’s come back to reality. Airstream doesn’t limit itself to one type of vehicle, making small RVs, camper vans, and their iconic aluminum trailers. And many of their trailers cost well under $100,000.

When Airstream opened its first California factory, there were only 50 RV manufacturers registered. By 1937, there were 400, but almost every single one of those brands faded away in the wake of the Great Depression and WWII. Today, however the brand is still chugging along, producing the same aluminum styled trailers that they did in back in the 30s (with many mechanical upgrades)

Though, many complain that the trailers are overpriced in comparison to their size. But the quality of their aluminum shells makes the RVs resistant to the weather. And with their camper vans and Class C RVs built on the reliable Mercedes Sprinter platform, they’re bulletproof options for your new RV.

If you want to make the most of your RV adventure, then these motorhomes, camper vans, and travel trailers are the most reliable RV brands that’ll take you wherever you want to go.