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If you’re looking at motorcycles to buy, chances are you want to actually ride them. Motorbikes that constantly end up in the shop are more work than fun. And while sometimes hefty repair bills are worth it for the perfect bike, I prefer a reliable motorcycle. These are the 5 most reliable motorcycle brands you should consider if you want a durable ride.

Man riding his Honda motorcycle
A man rides his Honda motorcycle | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

The information for this poll was collected from Motofomo and references information from Consumer Reports. The combination of this data helps determine the most reliable motorcycle brands from over 11,000 participants. And while it may not come to you as a surprise, the top four most reliable motorcycle brands happen to be Japanese.

  1. Yamaha
  2. Honda
  3. Suzuki
  4. Kawasaki
  5. Victory

Yamaha’s motorcycles are durable and dependable

From pianos to pocket rockets, Yamaha snags the top spot on our list in terms of reliability. The brand’s bikes have the lowest percent chance of failing on their owners, which includes any sort of engine or electrical failure. And as of late, the brand’s popularity has been skyrocketing, with Valentino Rossi having raced on the company’s behalf.

The most popular model is the YZF-R6, a sportbike ready to scream down highways. It crams a 599cc engine inside the 419 lb chassis, making its power-to-weight ratio incredibly good. With 108 horsepower, the Yamaha YZF-R6 can reach speeds of nearly 170 mph. All that, while still being considered one of the most reliable motorcycle brands.

Honda is known for their car and motorcycle reliability

2020 Honda Super Cub C125
2020 Honda Super Cub C125 | Honda

You can’t talk about reliability without talking about Honda. Producing motorcycles since 1955, the company knows how to build a bike. Granted, the brand can build extravagant bikes, like the $24,000 Honda Goldwing. But Honda continues to build simple, strong motorbikes.

The recent revival of the legendary Honda Super Cub embraces that philosophy. It packs a 125cc, which in comparison to the 50cc model from 1958, makes the modern Super Cub’s 60 mph top speed look blisteringly quick. But if there isn’t much tech on the bike, there’s not as much that can go wrong.

Suzuki may not be the best motorcycle brand, but their bikes are reliable

Suzuki Boulevard logo
Suzuki Boulevard logo | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Consumer Reports called Suzuki the worst motorcycle brand, but in truth, that might be a bit harsh. The basis of that claim was due to high levels of complaints about Suzuki bikes built from 2008 to 2014, but that’s in the past. As of late, Suzuki’s reliability has been harked by many. And the newer bikes aren’t too shabby.

If you want speed, there’s the $19,000 Hayabusa sportbike waiting for you. The 1.3-liter engine can net a massive 172 horsepower, which for a 592 lb bike is extreme. Or, on the other end of things, there’s the Suzuki Boulevard lineup. With bikes spanning the cruiser and touring categories, there’s a wide variety of Suzuki motorcycles no matter what you like to ride.

Kawasaki motorbikes are built like airplanes: reliable and fast

Kawasaki Ninja sportbike
Kawasaki Ninja sportbike | Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The build quality of an airplane is crucial, because unreliable airplanes can be devastating. Thankfully, Kawasaki started as an airplane manufacturer before they transitioned to motorcycles. So those motorcycles follow the same format of being built right.

On top of that, Kawasaki is known for its Ninja line of sportbikes. With models ranging from the $5,000 Ninja 400 beginner bike to the ridiculous $56,000 Ninja HR2. Albeit, that price may be worth it considering you get a 998cc supercharged engine that makes 310 horsepower.

The American-made Victory motorcycles are built right

Man working on Victory motorcycle
Man working on Victory motorcycle | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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The top four slots went to Japanese motorcycles, which shouldn’t come to you as much of a surprise. But if you’re looking for an American brand, then look no further than Victory. They’re known for being well-built bikes. On top of that, many people who own a Victory say they’d continue to buy from the brand after their motorcycle broke.

The bikes are fitted with Victory’s iconic V-twin engine. The brand’s cruiser bikes perform best on long, comfortable rides down America’s highways. Although, the brand recently released an all-electric sportbike, breaking character slightly.

All five of these motorcycle brands have durable bikes to offer you across all sorts of categories. But if you’re looking for a bike that won’t let you down while you’re riding, these are the five most reliable motorcycle brands you should consider.