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Sales of the most popular Midsize SUV sales are booming this year, and why not? A mid-size SUV fits most of our needs, whether that’s seating for eight, off-road ability, or simply being able to haul all of our stuff in comfort. So far, manufacturers have sold nearly 1.5 million new midsize SUVs year. While that’s a decrease from the highs of 2021, it’s still an impressive amount to sell.

Redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee models, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee L with three rows
Redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee models | FCA US LLC

We know that sales don’t reflect all of the other things that make an SUV good, like reliability ratings, fuel efficiency, comfort, or cargo capacity. But good sales are a sign that a manufacturer is doing something right, whether that’s making an SUV cool or interesting, or making a reliable and affordable SUV. Regardless, the most popular midsize SUVs so far in 2022 include several all-new models, like the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and stalwarts that remain popular year after year, like the Toyota Highlander and the Jeep Wrangler according to auto sales tracking website

1: The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best-selling SUV today

Steering wheel and front seats in 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the best-selling SUV in 2022.
2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Jeep

Jeep updated the Grand Cherokee for 2022 and that newness is one thing that’s contributing to its current sales success. While the L, or long, version was released in 2021, we had to wait a while to see the all-new five passenger version for 2022. You can order the Grand Cherokee in seven trims, from the base $40,000 Laredo model to the $76,000 Summit Reserve 4xe PHEV, which is a four-wheel drive plug-in hybrid. Where the Grand Cherokees’s sales are really surprising, is that it accounts for 9.5% of all midsize SUVs sold in the U.S. according to

2: The Toyota Highlander can seat eight

We’re not surprised to see the Toyota Highlander near the top of this list. In the midsize segment, it checks a lot of boxes that make this $35,855 seven- or eight-passenger three-row SUV a winner. It also earns high marks at Consumer Reports, where it earns a coveted recommendation. You can order one asan all-wheel-drive hybrid, or a frugal two-wheel drive SUV.

3: The Ford Explorer seats up to seven

The Ford Explorer was redesigned in 2020 and remains a strong seller for the brand.
Ford Explorer SUV | Raymond Boyd, Getty Images

Ford set the template for the modern midsize SUV with the first Explorer. The new Explorer is still a relatively fresh face in the midsize SUV world as it was redesigned for 2020. The Explorer’s 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder packs power, but you can order it as a hybrid that significantly boosts that. Big advantages to it include Ford’s easy-to-use Sync system for infotainment, and roomy seating for seven.

4: Jeep Wranglers don’t have many peers

The coolest SUVs under $30,000 for 2022 includes the Jeep Wrangler like this one
The Jeep Wrangler SUV in the desert | Jeep

Of course the Wrangler is one of the best-selling midsize SUVs. The Wrangler has been popular for decades because of its rough-and-tumble ability and top-down doors-off beach-ready body. While the Wrangler scores poorly at Consumer Reports, that’s largely because it doesn’t really have any peers to relate to. No other SUV can tackle off-road trails, or profile on the street, quite like the Wrangler.

5: Toyota 4Runner features great four-wheel drive and seating for seven

The $38,105 4Runner has some tricks up its sleeve for 2022 that are contributing to its sales success. While the 4Runner hasn’t been updated since 2020, it did get some cool features that families and off-roaders appreciate, like an optional third row and the clever crawl control feature that can dig you out of deep mud and sand. It has a stout 4×4 system and its 4.0-liter V6 is powerful, but it only gets 16 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway.


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