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When you buy a vehicle, especially a luxury one, you’re investing in your future, not just purchasing a car. You want to ensure your investment does you well by providing good value after years of ownership and not becoming a money pit of repairs. Maintaining its value in case you want to sell it in the future can be done through regular maintenance

Some brands will help you choose reliable ones to help you avoid losing money in major repairs. Here are five luxury brands that have the cheapest 10-year maintenance on average. 

Why is maintenance so important for your vehicle?

A mechanic potentially working on the car with the cheapest 10-year maintenance.
Car mechanic | Marijan Murat via Getty Images

To avoid spending tons of money at the repair shop, you must perform regular maintenance at specific intervals to keep the vehicle going strong. Each manufacturer offers a guideline of what services will need to be done and when, so check your manual to be sure you’re following those recommendations. 

The two most important tasks you’ll want to make sure get done are regular oil changes and replacing the filters. If you fail to maintain clean oil in your engine, you risk damaging it. Air filters, as well as oil filters, will get dirty over time and will need to be changed to ensure your engine runs smoothly.

1. Tesla 

The brand that offers the least amount of maintenance costs over 10 years is Tesla. According to CarEdge, the company provides vehicles that only require an estimated $5,867 to maintain a vehicle for a decade. That’s pretty low when you compare it to the average luxury brand, which costs an average of $6,155 more. 

What about major repairs? According to the data CarEdge analyzed, there’s approximately a 9.82% chance of something big going wrong that would need fixing. As for the cost of the repairs, it’s likely to run around $962 on average. 

2. Lexus

The second least expensive luxury brand on the list from CarEdge is Lexus. It costs almost $2,000 more than Tesla, though. In the first 10 years of ownership, you can expect to pay about $7,786, which is $4,258 more than the industry average. 

Regarding large repair bills, the Lexus brand offers some of the most reliable vehicles in the market. For the first five years of ownership, service bills will likely run you about $602. In 10 years of ownership, it could run you $1,400. 

3. Acura 

Acura is another luxury brand that doesn’t require much maintenance and repair over 10 years. With this brand, you can expect to pay approximately $826 for five years of ownership and $10,730 for a decade of owning it. 

Three models in the Acura lineup are considered inexpensive to own. The first is the ILX, which CarEdge reports would cost around $1,327 for maintenance in 10 years of ownership. Acura’s TLX and RLX would cost about $1,353 and $1,385 on average. 

4. Infiniti

The Infiniti luxury brand offers some pretty reliable vehicles, like the Q50 model. Maintenance costs for these versions will run you about $1,600 for 10 years. This will be for rotating tires, flushing out the cooling system, and brake replacements. 

Overall, the cost of 10-year ownership for the brand will be approximately $11,830, which is about $214 more than most other luxury brands. There’s also a 27% chance that an Infiniti model will require some major repair during that decade of ownership. 

5. Lincoln

For the first 10 years a driver owns a Lincoln, they can expect to pay around $12,099 for maintenance tasks and repair services. The brand has a 28% chance of needing something major done within that decade of ownership. Major repairs include pretty much anything that costs over $500 when you include parts and labor into the cost, according to CarEdge.  

One of the most reliable vehicles in the Lincoln lineup is the MKZ, which critics rated pretty high for durability. This model, fashioned after the Ford Fusion, only takes about $1,556 for regular maintenance jobs in 10 years. If you only own it for five years, you’ll likely get by with only $645 for maintenance services.  

The five most reliable luxury brands that shouldn’t cost you too much in a decade of ownership include Tesla, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, and Lincoln. If you keep the vehicles for at least 10 years, you should get your money’s worth a few times over. 


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