The 5 Least Reliable American Car Brands, According to Consumer Reports

Every year, Consumer Reports does a massive survey involving hundreds of thousands of cars and their owners. This survey generates data about the reliability of those cars. With that data, it’s also possible for the car critic to rank automakers and car brands by their reliability. As it turns out, American brands didn’t do well. According to Consumer Reports’ most recent reliability data, here’s a look at the five least reliable American car brands.

5. Ford

A dark blue Ford F-150 Lightning, one of the least reliable American car brands.
F-150 Lightning Platinum | Ford Media Center

According to USA Today, after the reliability data from Consumer Reports was tallied up, it was immediately apparent that American car brands didn’t do well overall. In fact, most American car brands were in the bottom half of the rankings, and Ford, one of the most well-known American automakers, ended up in 18th place overall. This makes Ford the fifth least reliable American car brand.

This shouldn’t be surprising given that Ford primarily focuses on SUVs and trucks, and both segments are unreliable. The 2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid ranked as the 10th least reliable car on the market. The Ford Explorer, which has a lengthy history of poor reliability, ended up in sixth place regarding its reliability. 

4. Tesla

Tesla is directly below Ford in 19th place, and unlike Ford, the EV automaker doesn’t have any exceptionally unreliable model. Tesla’s reliability problems are more general, affecting areas of the cars such as their body, their paint and trim, and their climate system. The Model 3 is Tesla’s most popular car and has the brand’s highest reliability rating. 

However, the Model 3’s reliability rating is still average compared to other cars. On the other hand, the Model S, Model X, and the Model Y all have below-average reliability ratings. That said, EVs, in general, did not do well in terms of reliability, and there were EVs that scored worse overall than any Tesla did. 

3. Chevrolet 

The most unreliable EV on the market right now is a Chevrolet, which is part of the reason Chevy is ranked 20th overall. Due to various problems, the Chevy Bolt is the most unreliable EV on the market and the fifth most unreliable car overall.

That said, the Bolt isn’t even the most unreliable Chevy model. The most unreliable Chevy is the Silverado 1500, which is tied for fourth place in terms of its reliability. It’s a full-size pickup truck, which is tied with EVs for being the least reliable segment overall. 

2. GMC

Since GMC is a car brand owned by General Motors, the same company that owns Chevrolet, GMC isn’t far behind Chevy in terms of reliability. GMC is in 21st place overall, making it the second most unreliable American car brand. Indeed, the GMC Sierra 1500, which is almost identical to the Silverado, is tied with the Silverado for fourth place in terms of unreliability. 

1. Jeep


The 2022 Jeep Wrangler is the Least Reliable Midsize SUV According to Consumer Reports

The least reliable American car brand is Jeep, and this shouldn’t be a surprise for Jeep fans. Overall, Jeep came in 23rd place, making it the second least reliable brand in general. Only Mercedes-Benz is less reliable than Jeep. Furthermore, Jeep has two of the least reliable cars on the market right now. 

The Gladiator is Jeep’s midsize pickup truck, so it’s not surprising that it is the third least reliable car model. The Wrangler, meanwhile, continues to be unreliable as it’s currently the least reliable car model overall.