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Although Toyota discontinued its flagship large sedan in 2022, the Avalon’s long tenure offers many used model years to consider. Better yet, five years of the Toyota model with the fewest concerning owner complaints might be your ticket to a dependable used sedan. Check out some of the least problematic used Toyota Avalon model years, like 2016, 2015, and 2010.

What are the most reliable years for the Toyota Avalon?

The 2016, 2015, 2012, 2010, and 2009 Avalon model years have the fewest owner complaints of unreliability. Moreover, the Avalon model from this timeframe could last over 250,000 miles, meaning the sedans are a drama-free used car option with the potential to go the distance. 

Conversely, CarComplaints reports that the 2014 Avalon is the least reliable used option, with owner complaints of engine problems. However, even the 2014 model’s documented issues are infrequent. For instance, the NHTSA shows just six complaints of engine problems. 

Moreover, the 2012, 2015, and 2016 Toyota Avalons have an annual repair cost of around $450, fairly average for a large car in the segment. For instance, replacing a 2016 Avalon’s power steering pump could cost between $486 and $673, a procedure that would likely demand an additional $500 for the same part in a Dodge Charger. According to RepairPal, most of the third and fourth-generation Avalons rank No. 3 out of 12 among large cars. As a result, a used Toyota Avalon has the potential to be a cheap-to-maintain and dependable used car.

Is the 2016 Toyota Avalon reliable?

The 2016 Toyota Avalon is one of the most reliable used model years. The model has very few owner complaints of costly issues like engine and transmission problems. Moreover, the 2016 model’s top three complaint categories total just 15 NHTSA complaints. 

Compared to a 2016 Nissan Maxima’s 23 NHTSA complaints about brakes alone, the 2016 Avalon’s records are reassuring. Still, the automaker sold around 48,079 Avalons in 2016. The utter lack of complaints to CarComplaints and the NHTSA indicates that the 2016 Avalon is one of the most drama-free years in the model’s history. 

Is the 2015 Toyota Avalon a good car?

The 2015 Toyota Avalon earned a “Seal of Awesome” from CarComplaints, which the site reserves for the most dependable models. Moreover, the 2015 Avalon’s lack of dissatisfied owners’ reports establishes it as a good used car option for large sedan hunters.

Is a 2012 Toyota Avalon a reliable car?

A white 2015 Toyota Avalon shows off its fascia on a stage.
2015 Avalon | Scott Olson via Getty Images

Like the 2015 model, the 2012 Avalon boasts high reliability scores and few owner complaints. Specifically, the 2012 model earns a Seal of Awesome from CarComplaints for its drama-free ownership compared to other vehicles, like the 2013 Nissan Altima

How many miles can a 2010 Toyota Avalon last?

A gray 2010 Toyota Avalon sits on a stage at an auto show.
An Avalon at an auto show | Frank Polich via Getty Images)

A 2010 Toyota Avalon could last 250,000 or more miles with proper care and preventative maintenance. Moreover, the Avalon from this timeframe snagged the top spot in a study of the longest-lasting sedans, boasting 3.9% of models already across the 200,000-mile mark. 

Is the 2009 Avalon problematic?

The 2009 Avalon is far from problematic; it’s a reliable used sedan with very few owner complaints. However, the 2009 Avalon has 24 NHTSA complaints about light issues and 21 about engine issues, like vehicle speed control. Still, the infrequency of owner-reported problems makes the 2009 model a safe bet.  

Why is Toyota discontinuing the Avalon?

Toyota discontinued the Avalon after declining sales and interest in 2022. However, the new Crown lifted sedan will occupy the Avalon’s spot in the lineup. 

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