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Maintenance costs are one of the most important parts of buying a new or used car, as buying a car with low maintenance costs can mean saving money in the long run. Maintenance costs can also vary a lot by brand and by model, and unfortunately, Jeep isn’t well-known for making reliable and low-maintenance vehicles. Here’s a look at five Jeep models that have an annual maintenance cost of over $600.

1. Jeep Commander

A black Jeep Commander parked outdoors.
Jeep Commander | Stellantis

As a brand, Jeeps are going to have quite high maintenance costs, as the brand average is about $634 a year, according to RepairPal. The Commander was a midsize SUV that the automaker built for a few years in the late 2000s, and it has an above average maintenance cost of $639 a year. Overall, owners gave the car a score of 3 out of 5.

The site lists a total of 29 problems for the car, and the most common problem has to do with the 4WD system warning light turning on. Another problem area had to do with the sunroof, as one of its tubes could leak water. 

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is one of Jeep’s most popular cars, and unfortunately, it’s also full of problems. It has an annual maintenance cost of $666 a year, but owners seem satisfied with their Jeep as the SUV has a score of 3.5 out of 5.

That said, the Grand Cherokee has 64 reported problems. One of the most common problems is that the temperature blend doors can fail and cause problems for the A/C. One of the more serious problems has to do with the engine, as it may not start due to an issue with the wireless control module. 

3. Jeep Liberty

The Liberty is another model that the automaker discontinued. It was produced for about a decade, and its last model year was the 2012 version. It was a compact SUV, and it had an annual maintenance cost of $674. Owners were satisfied with the car, as it has a score of 4 out of 5.

It has 30 reported problems, and the most common issue has to do with the intake valves causing the engine to misfire. Another common issue is that the motor in the powered windows may fail.

4. Jeep Wagoneer

The automaker recently revived the Wagoneer, but it’s an expensive car to own. Currently, the Wagoneer is one of the most expensive Jeeps in terms of maintenance costs, as its annual average maintenance cost is $691. That being said, RepairPal currently doesn’t have much information regarding the Wagoneer’s common problems. The site also doesn’t have a rating for the SUV just yet.

Regardless, the site does have information about costs for potential repairs. For example, owners who need to replace the radiator may have to pay between $750 to $1,000. Replacing the wheel speed sensor will set drivers back about $300.

5. Jeep Wrangler


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The Wrangler is one of the company’s most well-known models, but it also has one of the highest annual maintenance costs. Drivers have to pay an average of $694 every year to maintain or repair their Jeep. That said, despite having 36 reported problems, owners are very happy with their Wrangler as it has a score of 4 out of 5.

The most common problem on this Jeep SUV is that there may be a water leak from the pillar on the side doors. Another common issue has to do with the ignition switch, which could short-circuit. This was such a common problem that the Wrangler was actually recalled for it.