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Hennessey Performance Engineering makes fast cars faster. These are the guys who can make you an 850-horsepower Cadillac, a 600-horsepower Lincoln Navigator, or any number of custom Corvettes. But Hennessey also makes trucks faster. While the 6×6 versions of the Ram TRX, Ford Raptor and Chevy Silverado certainly make for good headlines, the company’s other trucks have been tearing up drag strips and trails since 1991.

Hennessey makes cars with insane names, like the Camaro Exorcist, the Viper Venom and the Venom GT.

While most know Hennessey as a Ford tuner or a Dodge Viper tuner, the company also makes versions of the Chevy Silverado and the Jeep Gladiator that improve their performance.

Chevy fans, the Goliath 6×6 is the baddest Silverado on the road (or off)

The Ram Mammoth has been getting all of the attention. But, in 2019 Hennessey lifted the Silverado, added a third axle, and made it a six-wheel-drive truck with a long bed and more power and called it the Goliath. It wasn’t cheap, at $375,000, but it has a host of off-road goodies like a 37-inch tires and an eight-inch lift that make sure the Goliath won’t get stuck in the mud. The Goliath certainly earned its name.

Jeep folks aren’t left out

Jeep Maximums 100 | Hennessey Perforamance

Hennessey Performance asked, “What would happen if we put a Hellcat motor in a Gladiator truck?” The result was the Maximus 1000, a 1,000-horsepower Jeep Gladiator truck that retained the Jeep’s off-road ability. Hennessey said the Gladiator Maximus can hit 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds, which is super car fast. Of course, the company had to upgrade the axles, the front and rear differentials, driveshafts, and beef up the suspension.

Venom 775, the successor to the original lightning

The Venom 775 is a basic Ford F-150 that goes like a Mustang. The F-150 sport truck is a supercharged truck with, you guessed it, 775 horsepower. Only 100 of these trucks were made, and if you can find one, it’s a performance bargain and was marketed as a “TRX killer,” for its sheer grunt. The were two-door sport versions and four-door lifted version. The Hennessey team added a ton of goodies to the truck that also give it a wider stance, a six-inch lift and 22-inch wheels and tires.

The smaller Raptor, the Ranger VelociRaptor

Ranger VelociRaptor | Hennessey Performance

From 2019 to 2021 Hennessey modded the Ford Ranger into a smaller Ranger VelociRaptor. The “little” Raptor gets boosted to 360 horsepower. Compared to other Hennessey mods, the Ranger VelociRaptor is more of an appearance and suspension package. It included new engine software, exhaust, and a coil-over suspension upgrade. The truck also came with new bumpers and a fender flares the fit wider tires.

Mammoth TRX is the fastest yet

Ram TRX Mammoth jumping
The new Ram TRX Mammoth from Hennessey Performance

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The Mammoth 900 and 100 trucks from Hennessey Performance have been named the fastest trucks in the world. And, with up to 1,200 horsepower available, it’s easy to see why. Hennessey Performance will sell you a four-wheel drive or a six-wheel-drive version of the Ram TRX truck, if you act fast. To make the Mammoth a mammoth performer on- and off-road Hennessey upgrades almost everything, but mainly focused on the supercharger and all of the parts that put power to the ground.

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