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The annual day of obligatory romance is right around the corner; are you ready for it? Instead of scrambling around when Valentine’s Day rolls around, think about what your romantic partner enjoys. When you’ve got a car enthusiast in your life, shopping can be much easier when you pick up one of these five gifts. Any combination of these items will be a huge hit, and they’re all under $100.

Every car enthusiast will love a car wash kit on Valentine’s Day

Even if you live where it’s cold, this gift will come in handy when the weather becomes much nicer and more enjoyable. People who love their cars often spend time washing and waxing them to make their well-loved ride look great. Autobytel tells us a complete Meguiar’s Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit costs less than $100 at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Pick one up today and be a Valentine’s Day winner this year.

Are those headlights turning yellow?

Yellowed Headlight of a Toyota Car
Yellowed Headlight of a Toyota Car | By Matsukawaya – Own work, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Has your partner complained about their beloved ride’s dingy and discolored headlights? Have they begun shopping for replacement lights? Give them a headlight restoration kit that could fix their worries. This kit can be a great Valentine’s gift for car enthusiasts. The 3M Headlight Restoration Kit has everything required to turn dull headlights into clear and clean beauties.

A diagnostic scan tool is a great Valentine’s gift for car enthusiasts

Automotive Scan Tool
Automotive Scan Tool | Wiki Commons

If your car lover doesn’t have a Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code Reader, it’s time they did. This tool allows them to have the trouble codes in their hands whenever the check engine light goes on. Modern cars have electronics and computers that can be scanned and read with this tool, giving your car lover the information they need to fix any problems. This could be the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given your partner.

Does your car enthusiast have a protective car cover?

Car Under a Protective Cover
Car Under a Protective Cover | By Andrew Bone from Weymouth, England – Wikimedia Commons

Your car love spends hours at a time working on or cleaning their ride; shouldn’t they also have a way to protect it from potential weather? If your car enthusiast parks their special ride outside on the driveway and they don’t have a protective car cover, give them one as a Valentine’s Day gift. This could be the perfect gift and save them some time caring for the look of their ride between washes.

A little modern technology can be a great Valentine’s gift for car enthusiasts

Echomaster Rearview Camera Kit
Echomaster Rearview Camera Kit | Echomaster

Just because the car lover in your life is restoring a classic car that never had a rearview camera or any other modern safety tech doesn’t mean they can’t have those items now. Your partner can discreetly mount a rearview camera in the trunklid. These units come with separate screens to offer a clear view from the rear. Make it a rearview camera when you want to give your car-loving partner a car item they might never think to add.

Will you give one of these great Valentine’s gift items to the car enthusiast in your life? Maybe you’ve got a few other great ideas in mind.

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