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The Porsche Macan is Porsche’s best-selling vehicle, of any type. And, when you’re looking for a performance SUV, it’s tough to beat. However, for the $60,000 you’ll pay (at least) for a Macan, there are several alternatives that could also fit the bill. What could Lexus, Jaguar, Dodge, Audi, and Alfa Romeo offer that could challenge the Macan?

The Macan checks all the right performance boxes

2023 Porsche Macan T in white
2023 Porsche Macan | Porsche

The 2023 Macan, Porsche’s best-selling vehicle, basically carries over for 2023 with no major changes. It had a major update in 2022 with the second facelift to the original SUV that Porsche launched in 2015. That’s just fine because the current generation of Macan, which was introduced in 2015, can claim any canyon corner and mix it up with sportscars on the regular. All Macans get Porsche’s 7-speed PDK, or dual-cutch, transmission, and all-wheel drive is an option.

The Macan comes in several flavors and the base version starts at $54,900, minus delivery, and comes with a 2.0-liter 261 horsepower four-cylinder. The 375-horsepower S version starts at $65,400 and the 434-horsepower GTS with a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 starts at $79,900. But, Porsche’s options are dear, and it’s hard to find a Macan without some that push it near the $60K mark. For example, any color other than black or white is at least $700, power seats at $1,510, and LED headlights are $520, and standard features on others, like lane keep assist, are options that drive the price up.

The Lexus RX is the new kid on the block

The 2023 Lexus RX could be a performance bargain when it hits dealers in late 2022.
Angled View 2023 Lexus RX | Lexus

Lexus has not released prices for the new-for-2023 RX, but it’s expected to cost about $50,000 in base trim, and about $60,000 for the RX500h F Sport Performance version. When it hits dealers in late 2022, it should bring a lot of hype and performance, especially in the 367-horsepower version. At J.D. Power, it’s building on its good reliability score.

Though the base Porsche will likely outperform the base RX, it does have one thing that the Porsche doesn’t offer: hybrid power. The base RX350 combines a four-cylinder with 3 motors to achieve 246 horsepower. But, if you step up to the RX500h F Sport Performance, you’ll not only get 366 horsepower, two AC motors, but also the high-performance all-wheel drive and handling package.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce AWD is a great Italian Porsche Macan alternative

We get it, when you’re looking for a performance SUV, the brand on the grille can sometimes carry as much weight as what’s under the hood. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio certainly makes a point and with its red-white-and green, but then it also brings some performance chops for its $56,670 price. First, it’s all wheel drive standard on the Veloce (which is Italian for “rapid”) and it packs a 280-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder to the party. Inside, like the Macan, it feels more sports car than SUV, and that’s fine for the kind of driving you’ll likely get up to in this Alfa.

Jaguar F-Pace is the British Porsche Macan alternative

Front angle view of purple 2023 Jaguar F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 luxury SUV.
2023 Jaguar F-PACE SVR Edition 1988 | Jaguar

For 2023, Jaguar’s performance SUV ups the ante. The 340s and P400 packages are gone. But that’s not a bad thing as the new F-Pace 400 R Dynamic S, which is the 395-horsepower mild hybrid version, steps in for $52,400. The top line 400 from 2022 is now the F-Pace 550 SVR which brings an impressive 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that makes it the top performance SUV from Jaguar for $89,500.

The F-Pace has been around for seven years and has not seen many major updates. It was Jaguar’s first SUV and competes with the hopped-up versions of the Audi Q5, and Porsche Macan. For $60,000 you can step up to the mid-trim level F-Pace S, which adds 12-way heated seats, wireless charging, and the Pivi Pro system.

The Q5 Sportback shares the Macan’s platform

2021 Audi Q5 Sportback
Audi Q5 Sportback | Audi

Audi makes two versions of the Q5 and the 2023 Audi Q5 Sportback should be the best Audi competitor for the Macan. In fact, the two use the same platform, and the base versions get the same 261-horsepower engine. While you’re just getting started at about $60,000 in the Macan, a fully-loaded Audi Q5 in Prestige trim, the top line, starts at $59,300. For that, you get a long list of standard features like heated and ventilated seats, LED lights, navigation, and park assist, which are options on the Porsche.

Dodge Durango R/T Plus is the tire-shredding Porsche alternative

A red 2022 Dodge Durango driving down a road.
2022 Dodge Durango | Dodge

What kind of performance SUV are you looking for? If you want a big honking V8 for loud blasts through the neighborhood, and tire-shredding burnouts, look no further than the Dodge Durango in R/T trim. It starts at $53,985 in four-wheel drive trim and comes with a 360-horsepower version of Dodge’s Hemi V8. You can think of it like a tall Challenger that seats up to seven.


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