5 Good Full-size Pickup Trucks for Under $10,000

Pickup trucks are the most popular vehicle in America. And for good reason. The full-size truck can roll up its sleeves for heavy hauling and get dirty, while still accomodating child safety seats.

A pickup truck is up for a little rough and tumble, yet it can also boast plush interiors that compete with the likes of a luxury sedan. From the utilitarian stripped down work truck to the luxury truck with the works, pickup trucks represent a unique and well-loved segment. But the prices can get really steep. Here we will list five good full-size pickup trucks for under $10,000.

A new full-size pickup truck rarely starts for much under 30 grand. Plus, they can easily climb the trim ladder and top out around 100 grand. There are plenty of reliable used pickup trucks out there. This list should be a great place to start if you are choosing between used trucks under $10,000.

The 11th or 12th generation Ford F-150

If you are looking for just about any version of the Ford F-150 from the year 2004 to the year 2014, it is likely you will find whichever configuration you prefer. And it’s easy to find what you want for under $10,000 –– according to TruckTrend the “F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for more than three decades.”

A blue 2011 Ford F-150 on a car dealership's lot.
2011 Ford F-150 | David Paul Morris/Getty Images

As long as you don’t mind something that’s high mileage, your perfect 11th or 12th gen Ford F-150 is out there somewhere. The abundance of models out there also means there are loads of parts. If repairs are ever necessary, F-150 parts are easy to source and they won’t break the bank like some of the rarer truck models out there.

Second gen Toyota Tundra

2009 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged side
2009 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged side | Toyota via Car and Driver

The Toyota Tundra is a no-nonsense full-size pickup truck that holds its value. That said, they can be had for less than $10,000 in the second generation which ran from 2007-2013. Because the Toyota Tundra is sold in significantly less volume than others like the F-150, it can be more difficult to track a good one down at such a low price. If you do find one, it will be in the 200,000 mile range. Thankfully, Toyota reliability is a real thing and these trucks go hard even when they tick past those big odometer milestones.

Third gen Dodge Ram

This truck came from simple times when RAM trucks were still known as Dodge Ram. TruckTrend says “you can readily find 2008 trucks with fewer than 100,000 miles, a crew-cab, four-wheel drive, and a V-8 engine for less than $10k.” Oh yeah, did we mention these Dodge pickups were produced from 2002-2008, and they are the only truck on this list with an exciting 5.7 liter HEMI V8?

First gen Nissan Titan

The first generation Nissan Titan had lower sales volume, but is actually one of the easiest to find in the under $10,000 price range. TruckTrend notes that the first gen Nissan fullsizer sports cool “industry-first tech such as a factory spray-in bedliner, Utilitrack bed rail system, and innovative bedside in-bed storage.” This generation ran from 2004 -2014 and the Nissan Titan configuration you want can likely be found in one of these model years without crazy high mileage.

A 2006 Nissan Titan driving off-road.
2006 Nissan Titan | Mark Elias/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Second and third gen Chevy Silverado 1500

In terms of pickup truck popularity, only the Ford F-150 beats the Chevrolet Silverado. Most of the deals will be had in the second generation trucks from model years 2007-2013, but it is possible to find a high mileage 2014 model. Even a few 2015 model years can be found for under $10,000.

But, keep in mind that the newer ones in that price range will not only come with a big number on the odometer. They will also come in more basic trims. Still, not bad for less than $10,000.

Chevy Silverado pickup trucks displayed for sale at a dealership.
Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks are displayed for sale | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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A Good full-size pickup truck for less than $10,000

It’s not as hard as you might have thought to find a good full-size pickup truck for under $10,000. A few of them –– like the Nissan Titan or the Dodge Ram –– can even be had with a V8. In order to tick all your boxes in this price range you may have to patiently peruse the internet and contact some used dealers to tell them what you’re looking for. But if it’s one of these five, it’s out there.