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You finally received the Ford Bronco Sport you ordered months ago. Now it’s time for some light off-roading. But before you hit the trails, you may want to invest in a few Ford Bronco Sport accessories to up your overlanding game. Ford’s OEM accessories can add both functionality and aesthetics.

Why add accessories to a Ford Bronco Sport?

Adding accessories to the Ford Bronco Sport can help make it your own and prepare it for your next overlanding adventure. After all, that’s part of the fun of having an off-road capable vehicle. Off-roaders and overlanders are constantly strapping new features and factory accessories on their rigs for looks and functionality alike.

According to Car and Driver, Ford Bronco owners buy lots of accessories – $1,700-worth on average. Owners of the smaller Bronco Sport get in on the action, too, spending an average of $800 on accessories. Ford has gone out of its way to make sure Bronco Sport owners have plenty of accessory options to consider. Here are a few of the best ones for making your Bronco Sport into an overland or off-road rig.

1. Rubber floor liners make clean-up a breeze after a day on the trails

Rubber floor mats in the second row of a Ford Bronco Sport.
Ford Bronco Sport Rubber Floor Mats | Ford Motor Company

Weather-proof floor liners are an essential install for any overland SUV. They catch dirt, mud, rocks, and other debris from the trail or campsite. And most importantly, rubber floor mats make cleaning up after the trip much more manageable. Fortunately, Ford has its own OEM sets custom-fitted to the Bronco Sport.

2. Crossbar roof storage helps you pack up your gear

Crossbar accessories installed on the roof of a new Ford Bronco Sport.
Bronco Sport Crossbar Roof Storage Accessories | Ford Motor Company

The Ford Bronco Sport has plenty of interior cargo space. But sometimes, it’s not enough – especially if you have a party of more than two tagging along for the ride. Adding a crossbar storage system means you can strap gear and supplies to the roof of your rig. Ford offers options that are fitted specifically for the Bronco Sport.

3. Rear seat safe keeps your personal items secure

If you’re out on a hike or other activity, you don’t want to leave personal items out and about at camp. Ford’s available rear-seat safe hides under the seat cushions and locks to keep things secure.

4. Battery jump-start pack can help your Bronco Sport start in a pinch

An off-road trail or remote campsite is the last place you want to end up with a dead battery. A backup battery jump-start kit can ensure your Bronco can get you home wherever you go. It’s not flashy, but it is a good insurance policy for any overland rig or off-road SUV.

5. Bronco Sport splash guard accessories look cool as heck

Close view of splash guard accessories installed on a new Ford Bronco Sport
Bronco Sport Splash Guard Accessories | Ford Motor Company

Not all Bronco Sport accessories need to be strictly functional. Sometimes, you just want your overland rig to look cool. Ford’s available splash guards add an extra dose of adventure aesthetics, tucking under each fender and enhancing the Bronco Sports stance.

Is the Ford Bronco Sport good off-road?

The Ford Bronco Sport isn’t as strong off-road as the “real” Ford Bronco. Still, its versatile performance makes it a great candidate for an overland rig or all-terrain road trip machine. A unibody design based on the Ford Escape gives the Bronco Sport inherent off-road limitations. However, its high ground clearance, standard four-wheel drive, and available all-terrain tires can still take you a long way up an old logging road or light campsite trail. Plus, it’s sure to be a superb winter-weather vehicle. The Bronco Sport is not a hardcore rock crawler – but it doesn’t need to be. The Ford Bronco Sport will do what regular drivers need and more.


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