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Father’s Day is fast approaching, which leaves many kids searching for the perfect gift. Of course, car enthusiasts’ offspring might automatically think of car-centric items. But, of course, not everyone has the budget to surprise their dad with a new car. Fortunately, plenty of accessories enhance the driving experience. 

There’s no shortage of options, so we’ve narrowed the list to our favorites in the $14-to-$180 range. Here are five Father’s Day gifts for the car-loving man in your life. 

Start off strong with a portable jump starter

If Dad loves road trips or late-night drives, the last thing he needs is a car that won’t start. Regardless of whether his vehicle has an older battery, he might occasionally find himself at the mercy of a stranger with jumper cables. It’s not uncommon for cars to struggle when starting, especially in colder weather.

If you give your dad a portable jump starter for Father’s Day, he can solve this problem on his own. These chargers easily clamp to auto battery terminals and can safely give a car the boost it needs. Ranging from about $100 to $200, these packs are rechargeable and can even charge other devices. 

We recommend the $180 Micro-Start XP-10 Portable Power Supply Jump-Starter Complete Kit. It’s easy to buy online through Walmart, and it gets Roadshow‘s nod as “the best portable jump starter battery.”

Treat him to a detailing kit

You might not give your dad a new car, but a detailing kit can help any vehicle look new. These car care kits have everything you need to make a vehicle shine. From headlights to the engine and windows to the carpet, your dad’s car will look like it came straight from the showroom. 

A favorite is Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit. It costs $65.99 on Amazon. But a great budget pick is Armor All’s four-pack, which you can also find on Amazon. It retails for only $13.47 and boasts over 5,000 positive reviews.

However, no matter which kit you choose, one thing is certain: You’ll score bonus points if you detail your dad’s car on Father’s Day. 

A car phone mount will help Dad drive safer

It’s not fair — or safe — to make your dad handle a phone while driving. Giving him a car phone mount for Father’s Day will allow for more hands-free use. From navigation assistance to answering phone calls, these mounts ensure he can use his phone without sacrificing safety. 

Nowadays, these gadgets have seemingly limitless designs. Familiarity with your dad’s vehicle is essential to choosing the right configuration for his unique needs.

But for a model that fits all cell phones, even large models, the best-selling Vicseed on Amazon is a great deal. Your dad can mount it to his dashboard, windshield, or air-conditioning vent. Plus, it’s covered in silicone to protect his phone from scratches. It normally costs $29.95, but you can get $5 off by clicking the coupon under the price. Over 11,000 positive customer reviews can’t be wrong.

Also, if your dad’s phone supports wireless charging, you can find mounts that allow wireless charging. This Anker mount on Amazon costs $45.99 and supports various phone models.

Capture every moment with a dashcam

All those YouTube compilations of crazy driving moments you and your dad enjoyed together? They’re all thanks to dashcams. On a more serious note, this technology can save a ton of money and frustration in the event of an accident. As cameras become more commonplace in virtually all of our devices, capturing driving moments has never been easier or more affordable. 

Speaking of affordable, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a good dashcam for Father’s Day. This low-priced Apeman model boasts over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. And it costs only $43.69 with a coupon.

“The dashcam’s ultrawide angle lens gives a great viewing angle, and its motion image sensor detects and saves footage of car collisions automatically,” Roadshow says. “Don’t expect an HD video quality interface on the dashcam at this price, but you’ll hardly use the menus after initial setup, and you’ll have video evidence of anything that happens on the road.”

He’ll never lose his car keys with this gadget


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Still don’t think you’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift? If only you had put a Tile on it. These handy little Bluetooth devices keep commonly misplaced items close at hand. Your dad can attach a Tile to his keys or even inside his wallet.

So the next time your father can’t find his car keys, he can open the Tile app to find them. No more delayed road trips!