5 Fantastic Features on the 2021 Ford F-150

The all-new 2021 Ford F-150 just recently made its debut and it brings to table a new look, a new powertrain, and a host of interesting features. While the long-awaited redesign has been in the works for the past five years, it’s refreshing to see some new innovations made in America’s favorite truck and we wanted to highlight some of them. Here are five fantastic new features on the 2021 Ford F-150.

Pro Power OnBoard

The Pro Power OnBoard system is probably one of the coolest and most innovative features we have seen on a truck, especially the F-150. This system basically turns the truck’s engine, either the gas or hybrid powertrain, into a generator to provide power to a number of different outlets. This means that you can power tools, laptops, lights, electric stoves, speakers, and just about anything else to turn your Ford F-150 into the ultimate tailgating and camping vehicle. You can also use it for work, as well, which is mostly what it’s intended for.  

New outlets on the F-150
Pro Power OnBoard system | Ford

3.5-liter PowerBoost Engine

The new hybrid powertrain is the main highlight of the new Ford F-150. It’s a class-exclusive drivetrain that consists of a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that is paired to a 35-kW electric motor and mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford has stated that it should reach “approximately 700 miles on a single tank of gas” and provide up to 12,000 pounds of towing. Those are some pretty hefty numbers. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official horsepower or torque numbers yet, but we’re sure they will be impressive.  

2021 Ford F-150
Ford F-150 | Ford

Tailgate Work Surface

The Ford F-150 features a multi-functioning tailgate that includes cleats on the sides of it for clamping things down, as well as clamp pockets to assist in clamping stuff down to it, like wood, for example. To add to the tailgate’s versatility, there are spaces for pens and pencils, a ruler, a cupholder, and even a place to put your tablet or cell phone. It’s another truly unique idea and we applaud Ford for incorporating it.

tailgate workspace on F-150
New clamp pockets are built into the tailgate of every truck, so customers can hold materials down for precision work. An available flat Tailgate Work Surface also includes integrated rulers, a mobile device holder, cupholder, and pencil holder.

Max Recline Seats

Talk about first-class seating! The new Ford F-150 will feature Max Recline Seats on the higher King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trim levels. These seats fold a 180-degrees, or almost completely flat, and the bottom cushions rise up to provide a flatter surface so you and your passenger can get a semi-comfortable power nap in. However, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping on the job anyway.

2021 Ford F-150 Max Recline seats | Ford

Interior work surface

Apparently, Ford really wants to make sure you’re as productive as possible whether your outside of the truck or sitting in it. As such, the new F-150 includes an Interior Work Surface, which is basically a fold-out desk in the center console that provides a secure space to hold your laptop, sign documents, or eat food.

Interior work space on the 2021 F-150
The new Interior Work Surface makes living and working in the cabin easier with a large, ßat deployable surface ideal for signing documents, using a laptop or just enjoying your lunch break. Available in both bench and captainÕs seat conÞgurations from XL to Limited.

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The 2021 Ford F-150 has a promising future

It’s evident that Ford was aiming to build a better work truck for those working on-site and they have clearly succeeded with the standard and available features on the 2021 F-150. These are just a few of the standout features that we liked, however, there are plenty more. Needless to say, they all add up and should prove to create a promising future for America’s best-selling truck.