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We get to test drive a lot of different cars throughout the year. Some are fancy, some are fast, and others are simple commuters. However, in 2022, we have driven a few commuter cars that could be considered fancier than others. Here is a list of the five of the fanciest commuters we have driven this year.

1. 2022 Nissan Rogue Platinum

Although the 2022 Nissan Rogue may not qualify as a “commuter car,” it’s still an entry-level compact SUV. That being said, it was much fancier than we expected it to be. Of course, it being the top-trim Pinnacle likely helped because its interior was swaddled in quilted beige leather, and it had every option imaginable.

Some of those options included an 8-inch touchscreen with a surround-view camera, a 12.3-inch digital display, a head-up display, and a premium Bose audio system. All of those features equated to a comfortable experience that felt lavish for a compact SUV that starts at under $30,000.

2. 2022 Lexus UX 200

Yes, the 2022 UX 200 is a Lexus, so of course, it’s going to be fancy. However, it’s still an entry-level SUV – which is really the size of a hatchback – so we consider it a commuter car. The UX 200 provides an upscale experience with its leather interior, heated/ventilated seats, head-up display, upgraded sound system, and power tailgate with a kick sensor.

This little Lexus had it all – including a 2.0-liter engine that returned over 30 mpg during the time we had it. If you’re looking for a commuter car that’s fancier than a Toyota Corolla hatchback, the Lexus UX 200 is a good place to start. They are corporate cousins, after all.

3. 2022 Mazda CX-30 Turbo

Mazda has come a long way in a short amount of time. If you look at the interior of any of their models, you will surely be impressed with their simply swanky styling. The 2022 CX-30 Turbo that we drove was no exception. It was a top-trim Premium Plus model that came with leather seats, a 360-degree camera, front and rear parking sensors, and an upgraded sound system.

The CX-30 was so nice that it was hard to believe we were sitting in a Mazda. The captivating interior coupled well with the turbocharged 2.5-liter engine under the hood, which provided plenty of oomph for the daily drive.

4. 2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring

The Honda Civic has come a long way over the past decade. The latest iteration goes above and beyond with its retro-styled interior, leather upholstery, and in-cabin tech that rivals most luxury cars. It looks really good, too.

We thoroughly enjoyed the 2022 Civic Sport Touring we drove earlier this year. Aside from having tech-savvy features like wireless Apple Carplay, dual-zone climate control, and Bose sound system. The 180-hp engine was smooth and propelled the car along nicely. If you don’t care about the Civic Si or Type R performance, we recommend the Civic Sport Touring.

5. 2023 Acura Integra

To be fair, we only drove the 2023 Acura Integra for around 30 minutes. But it was enough time to try out all of its features and get a handle on its performance. In all honesty, it’s basically a gussied-up version of the current Honda Civic Si – but that’s not a bad thing.

Under the hood is a 200-hp turbocharged engine that’s matched well with a slick-shifting six-speed manual transmission. Some interior enhancements included Apple Carplay/Android Auto, a 12-way power adjustable driver’s seat, and a 9-inch touchscreen connected to a premium ELS audio system. The Integra may be Acura’s entry-level commuter, but it’s also quite the fancy performer.

We will have many more fancy commuter cars to come

The year 2022 isn’t over yet, and our calendar is filled with cars that are sure to impress us when spending time with them. These cars include more fancy commuters so we will report back accordingly. For now, if you’re in the market for a commuter car but want to kick things up a notch, we suggest checking out one of these five examples.