5 Famous Country Singers Who Drive Pickup Trucks

Few things go together as well as country music and driving around in a pickup truck. Country singers sound like truck experts in their songs, but are they in real life? It turns out that some of them are! There are plenty of country singers who actually drive trucks, staying true to their lyrics and making them a little more like the rest of us. Here are some of our favorite pairs of country singers and their beloved trucks.

Luke Bryan

Having once made headlines for driving his truck into his own catfish pond, Luke Bryan has been a proud owner of Chevrolet trucks for years. The “Drink a Beer” singer is actually an official brand ambassador for Chevy and has been since 2016. The truck that ended up in his pond was a black Chevy Silverado 4×4 and was a gift from Carl Black Chevrolet in Nashville. The truck was unfortunately totaled, but we’re happy to see that his relationship with Chevy wasn’t hurt too much.

Dierks Bentley

Affectionately named “Big White,” if you saw Dierks Bentley’s truck driving around town, you’d probably never guess that a famous country artist was the one behind the wheel. The 1994 Chevy’s story as Bentley’s sidekick started with a trip to Nashville with Bentley’s late father in 1994. Since then, the pair have been inseparable.

Big White is the only truck Bentley has ever owned, and you won’t get him into something fancier anytime soon. His song “I Hold On” was even inspired by his beloved truck, with lyrics like “It’s just an old beat up truck / some say that I should trade up … But what they don’t understand / is it’s the miles that make the man.” We’re with you, Dierks Bentley, hang on to that sweet truck filled with memories.

Miranda Lambert

A fan of classic trucks, Miranda Lambert has a 1955 red Chevy truck named Tammy and has said that she’ll never get rid of it. She got the truck when she was 17 years old and has kept it in immaculate shape over the years. She loves her vintage truck so much that she named her wine brand, Red 55 Winery based in Lindale, TX, after the truck. When she married her former husband and fellow country singer Blake Shelton in 2011, the pair even shot their wedding photos in front of the truck.

Kip Moore

Out of all the country singers out there today singing about trucks, the “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” singer would break the most hearts if it got out that he didn’t actually like driving trucks. Kip Moore’s hit song was inspired by a time he picked up a date in his dad’s 1988 Chevy Silverado.

The woman had apparently been unimpressed by Moore’s car he had picked her up in previously, but thanks to a twist of fate, his car wouldn’t start so he borrowed his dad’s truck. The woman was much more impressed, and the story stuck with Moore enough to write his hit song. Moore has since been spotted in a few different trucks over the years.

Danielle Bradbery

The Voice winner and country singer Danielle Bradbery has been vocal about her love of four-wheeling and big trucks, and in 2014, she brought home her own massive truck, a brand new Ford F-150. The tricked-out truck has an eight-inch suspension lift, so Bradbery sometimes finds herself falling out of it instead of stepping out. Hey, whatever works! The giant truck is perfect for doing some mudding and who knows, maybe it will someday inspire a song of her own.