5 Excellent 2022 Sports Cars That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

As one of the most trusted sources for American shoppers, Consumer Reports provides thorough reviews on all vehicles, including sports cars. The non-profit consumer organization has a reputation for delivering concise and reliable information on vehicle quality, safety, and performance. 

While the folks at Consumer Reports are sometimes at odds with the general public of car owners and drivers, the organization believes it’s right on the money regarding predicted owner satisfaction. In this case, here are the five sports cars that CR reviewers believe owners will like just as much as they did.

How is owner satisfaction predicted by Consumer Reports?

The 2022 Owner Satisfaction ratings are based on Consumer Reports’ annual owner-satisfaction survey involving more than 300,000 vehicles. Drivers were asked whether they would buy the same vehicle if they had to do it all over again. The owner satisfaction category ranks reliability, performance, price, and enjoyment, among other factors.  

1. Toyota Supra

Nearly 30 years before being pulled from the line-up in 2002, the Toyota Supra sports car is back in production. In 2022, Consumer Reports reviewers gave it a perfect predict owner satisfaction rating. The organization predicted owner satisfaction with driving experience, comfort, value, and styling. A big part of the score is just how well the Supra drives. The Supra also impressed in its road test. Consumer Reports reviewers praised the Supra for its responsive handling, sharp reflexes, styling, and fuel economy. 

2. BMW 2 Series 

The BMW 2 Series is a range of subcompact executive/sports cars in production since 2014. The 2022 BMW 2 Series comes in Coupe and Gran Coupe versions. Its predicted owner satisfaction is above average, its predicted reliability is average, it performed well on its road test, and the BMW 2 Series has impressed Consumer Reports reviewers.

3. Volkswagen Golf GTI

Since its debut in the 1970s, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has been one of the most popular sports car options on the market, with a strong value for money spent. The Volkswagen Golf GTI earned an impressive predicted owner satisfaction score. While the experts at Consumer Reports rank the Volkswagen Golf GTI high in its class, they still don’t recommend it. According to experts at Consumer Reports, the Golf GTI’s poor predicted reliability score and only above average overall rating indicate some serious issues. 

4. Subaru WRX

The 2022 Subaru WRX aims to reignite interest in rally-inspired sport compact cars. According to Consumer Reports, there’s plenty to love about the 2022 Subaru WRX. However, based on the CR survey, the vehicle did not particularly impress in road tests, predicted reliability, and owner satisfaction. All things considered, though, 2022 Subaru WRX owners would repurchase the same car. Reviewers at Consumer Reports praise the WRX’s handling dynamics, as the car is very satisfying to drive. 

5. Dodge Challenger

A 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock muscle car sports car model parked on a race track next to white tires
2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock | FCA

According to Consumer Reports, the Dodge Challenger also received a satisfactory score for its predicted owner satisfaction rating. However, its predicted reliability rating was more mediocre. Nonetheless, the vast majority of Dodge Challenger owners would buy the same car again, all things considered. The Challenger showed some of the most consistent scores across the board of all Dodge vehicles. 

Consumer Reports believes that owners will like these five sports cars just as much as their reviewers did. For the most part, Consumer Reports ratings and reviews are extremely helpful. That said, many drivers and car owners feel that the organization can be a little harsh sometimes, so keep that in mind. 

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