5 Excellent 2022 Compact SUVs That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

Compact crossovers are among the most popular vehicles. They combine an SUV’s utility with a car’s smooth handling and ride. The compact SUV segment abounds with models, and some are better than others. Consumer Reports has tested dozens of compact SUVs for the 2022 model year, and five rank highly for their predicted owner satisfaction. 

Learn more about Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction ratings and the 2022 compact SUVs that will likely make drivers happy.

Consumer Reports’ predicted owner satisfaction ratings explained

Buying a vehicle is a big investment, and many people worry about spending thousands for fear of ending up dissatisfied. Consumer Reports helps car shoppers by providing predicted owner satisfaction ratings. With these scores, CR tries to predict whether people who get the car would, in the future, choose that car again. The higher the rating, the likelier owners will be satisfied with their choice down the road. 

Interestingly, some vehicles perform well in Consumer Reports road testing, but CR still predicts owners won’t be satisfied with their choice. This might be due to low reliability, a high price point, or a boring ride. Often, CR’s predicted owner satisfaction ratings line up with its critics’ reviews of certain vehicles, but there are instances where drivers’ and experts’ opinions differ. 

But overall, Consumer Reports’ predicted owner satisfaction ratings and its experts’ reviews align for these five 2022 compact SUVs: the Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV4 Prime, Honda CR-V, and Ford Bronco Sport. 

The 5 compact SUVs that Consumer Reports predicts owners will love

2022 Hyundai Tucson

The 2022 Tucson scored slightly below the Subaru Forester on Consumer Reports’ road test, but it received a perfect rating for predicted owner satisfaction and predicted reliability. It received especially high marks for styling and comfort, decent marks for driving experience, and average scores for value. Well over 80% of the time, owners stated they would get the Tucson again. 

2022 Subaru Forester

Consumer Reports predicts owners will be highly satisfied with the 2022 Subaru Forester. CR gave the Forester excellent marks for driving experience, comfort, value, and styling. Consumers who own the Forester stated they would “definitely” purchase it again nearly 80% of the time, high enough to put it in second place behind the Hyundai Tucson. 

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Consumer Reports compact SUVs, predicted owner satisfaction ratings
2022 Toyota RAV4 XSE | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Next up is the Toyota RAV4 Prime, which scored third highest on the road test. Like the Tucson, the RAV4 Prime received the highest possible marks for predicted owner satisfaction and predicted reliability from Consumer Reports. The Prime shined in the styling and driving experience categories and held its own in comfort. But its overall value ended up the average. At $40,300, it has the highest starting price among the five compact SUVs on this list.

2022 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is often compared to the RAV4, but this year, the RAV4 Prime beat it by a few points in the Consumer Reports road test. The CR-V also got the second-highest possible ratings for predicted value and owner satisfaction. CR’s reviewers gave it commendable marks for driving experience, comfort, and styling and an average score for value. Just shy of 70% of owners said they would get the CR-V again.

2022 Ford Bronco Sport

Last, the Ford Bronco Sport received a commendable road test score and the best ratings for predicted value and owner satisfaction from Consumer Reports. Its highest marks came from driving experience and styling, but it also got a good rating for comfort. Its value rating was slightly higher than others on this list, but it was still below average. 

In the end, you can’t go too wrong with any of these options if you’re in the market for a compact SUV.

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