5 Electric Motorcycles That Go the Distance (Literally)

Anyone interested in an electric vehicle has to consider the range factor. Though “range anxiety” has driven too much of the conversation about EVs, drivers and bikers need a certain amount of leeway to make an investment in a green machine feasible. The second generation of electric cars and motorcycles has delivered long-range vehicles most consumers would agree fit the bill.

According to studies conducted by Ford, Americans drive fewer than 25 miles in the average trip. Motorcycle riders are going to want well more than that for a road trip, and today’s zero-emissions bikes are delivering impressive range on a full battery charge. Here are five electric motorcycles with over 130 miles of range on a full charge.

Note: Calculations are based on combined highway and city estimates for a “real world” figure. The distance from San Diego to Los Angeles is 121 miles, within the range of any bike on the list.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

5. Zero S with Power Tank (131 miles)

The Zero S bike packs 54 horspower and 68 lb-ft of torque to get riders from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds and to sustained top speeds over 80 mph. There is also impressive range in the Zero S with power tank ($17,490). Smaller tanks prohibit riders from accelerating like other bikes in the Zero line, yet the 131 miles of real-world (combined highway and city) range is the top in the bike maker’s lineup.

Mission R
Source: Mission Motors

4. Mission R 17 kWh (140 miles)

San Francisco-based Mission Motorcycles never skimps on the performance. This bike can flash from 0-60 in 3 seconds and fly to a top speed of 150 mph. Between the cool industrial look and the impressive 140 miles of range in the 17 kWh model ($42,499), the comparisons to the Tesla Model S make perfect sense.

Source: ZEV

3. “Z” EV 110LRC (155 miles)

Though high-end electric motorcycles are getting their due, the “Z” EV line is virtually unknown. Considered scooters in some circles, the 110 long-range model ($13,990) certainly looks like a standard motorcycle. A top speed near 80 mph makes it highway ready as well.

What the ZEV 110LRC does best is eliminate the range anxiety of riders. This bike can cover 140 miles at 55 mph, which makes it fit to comfortably travel over 150 miles on a full charge. Priced below $14K, the ZEV 110LRC may change many minds about electric motorcycles.

Source: Lightning

2. Lightning LS-218 Superbike 20 kWh (170 miles)

Named the LS-218 for the record speed the Lightning Superbike hit at Bonneville in 2013, this Lightning is a bona fide scorcher. The 218 mph mark is naturally a record, but this bike is a production model that can go from 0-60 in about 2 seconds. Lightning’s blistering speed comes couresy of 200 hp and 168 lb-ft of torque.

This bike’s electric range is almost as impressive as its power. In the base (12 kWh) model, riders can travel up to 100 miles. Opting for the 20 kWh model opens up range as far as 170 miles in real world riding.

Source: Brutus Electric/Facebook

1. Brutus V9 (245 miles)

Brutus has managed to turn the stereotype of electric bikes on its head. In the Brutus V9, riders recognize the classic bagger style and can’t help but notice the 125 hp and gut-churning 277 lb-ft of torque. This bike can reach a top speed of 115 mph on the open road.

Beyond the power and speed anyone can tap into with the Brutus V9, the bike’s range shatters conceptions about electric range for any type of motor vehicle. In city driving, the V9 can get 280 miles or 210 miles highway on a full charge with the 33.7 kWh battery pack.

How much range is that? Ride from Miami to Key West (162 miles) and still have juice to cruise down Duval Street on the Brutus V9. Other viable trips include Charlotte to Charleston (209 miles), La Jolla to Santa Barbara (210 miles), or San Antonio to Houston (197 miles). The Brutus’s batteries can take you there.