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Summer road trips might take you to the beach, the mountains, or some of the lesser-explored highways. The warm weather and sunshine present a wonderful environment for exploration and travel, but you still need to watch out for other drivers. Although the weather may be ideal for driving, more drivers are on the roads during summer, making defensive driving techniques more important than ever.

Here are five defensive driving tips to help you stay safe during summer road trips.

1. Be Prepared – it’s not just for the Scouts

It’s fun to sing along to music while driving, but you must stay alert, prepared, and ready for anything. Don’t get too relaxed while behind the wheel; you never know when someone will cut you off, forget to use their signal, or suddenly bake in front of you. If you maintain a much greater following distance than normal, you’ll give yourself more time to react to potentially dangerous situations.

2. Keep your eyes moving and predict potential dangers

Continually scan the road and your mirrors to understand what’s happening around your vehicle. Try predicting potential dangers and how you might react to them. This can help you enjoy safe and uneventful summer road trips. It would be terrible for your vacation to end suddenly because you weren’t watching the road or your mirrors as you should.

3. Stay out of blind spots

It can be unnerving to find out that another driver is traveling in your blind spot, which means you shouldn’t do it to others. It’s especially important to stay out of the blind areas of large semi-trucks while on the road. Another aspect of this point is to check your blind spots frequently, especially before making any lane changes.

4. Avoid hazardous drivers

If you notice another vehicle swerving, changing speeds, or drifting, you want to stay away from it. The driver behind the wheel could be tired, drunk, or distracted. This can lead to a terrible situation for them and others on the road. When you notice another vehicle driving erratically, it’s good to keep a safe distance from it to avoid any potential issues.

5. Relax and stay in your lane

When heading out for your summer road trips, your driving should be just as relaxed as the vacation. Give yourself lots of time to stop and check out various sites along the way and relax while behind the wheel. This relaxed driving means staying in your lane while avoiding unnecessary lane changes. Let the journey become part of the fun during your road trip.