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When it comes to car security, there are plenty of options that you can take. You can install a steering wheel lock, an aftermarket alarm, or even a GPS tracker. However, some GPS trackers on the market can get pricey. As such, here are five of the cheapest tracking systems that you find on the market right now.

1. Spytec GPS GL300 real-time tracker – $59

Spytec GPS SL300 tracker
Spytec GPS SL300 tracker | Amazon

According to Spytec, the GPS GL300 is the easiest and fastest GPS tracking system for vehicles, valuables, and other equipment. It uses 4G technology and sends alerts to your iPhone or Android phone via an app. You can watch the tracker move on a map, customize alerts and boundaries, and keep track of past data, speed, etc.

The tracker itself is small, measuring one inch thick and it has up to two weeks of battery life. The best part is that it costs well under $100, but just note that the app does require a subscription of $25 per month. Check out the Spytec GPS GL300 on Amazon.

2. Optimus 3.0 4G LTE Bundle – $49

Optimus 3.0 4G LTE Bundle
Optimus 3.0 4G LTE Bundle | Amazon

The Optimus 3.0 uses a tiny tracker with a powerful magnet that allows you to stick it on metal surfaces. As such, it can track your car, motorcycle, or any other type of machinery that you want to keep tabs on. The tracker easily connects to an app that allows you to set up custom alerts for speed and geofencing. It does require a subscription that costs $20 per month, but there are no contracts needed.

3. GPS Tracker GF-07 – $29

GPS GF-07 tracker
GPS GF-07 tracker | Amazon

From what we can tell on the Amazon listing, this tracker is from an unnamed generic brand. However, it does feature a mini magnetic real-time locator that can stick on your car or any other type of machinery. It can be tracked using Google Maps and it works easily with a SIM card. The best part is that there is no monthly fee required to use it.

4. LandSeaAir 54 GPS Tracker – $28

Landseaair 54 GPS tracker
Landseaair 54 GPS tracker | Amazon

Forbes rated the LandSeaAir 54 GPS tracker as one of the best you can buy. Not only is it cheap, but it also features a compact, 100-percent waterproof design with a super-strength magnet that can stick onto any metal surface. You can also track and map the device using Google Maps and it easily relays information via an app on your smartphone using 4G LTE technology.

5. Tracki 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker magnet – $18

Tracki 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker
Tracki 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker | Amazon

Not only is the Tracki 4G LTE GPS tracker the cheapest one that this list, but it also comes with a lot of features. The tracker includes an international SIM card and can be used to track your car, animals, or anything else worldwide. It also has a five-day battery life and can send real-time information in one to five minutes. Just note that a subscription of $20 per month is required.

The cheapest GPS trackers you can buy

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security to your car, then a GPS tracker is a great way to go. These five trackers will get the job done easily and none of them will break anyone’s bank account, no matter how low on money they are.


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