5 Cars With the Best (and Worst) Gas Mileage in 2015

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Over the past few years, we’ve seen gas prices rise to ridiculous levels. During the past decade, the U.S. average price per gallon has surpassed the $4 point. Think about it: that $4 is more than a typical pair of socks or a T-shirt on clearance at a big-box retailer costs. And as we all know, one gallon of gasoline won’t last long.

EPA estimates from 2011 indicate that “the weighted average combined fuel economy of cars and light trucks combined was 21.4 miles per gallon [and] the average vehicle miles traveled in 2011 was 11,318 miles per year.” This means Americans were using more than 525 gallons of gas that year, or around 45 gallons of gas each month. At a price of $4 per gallon, this means gas can be more than a $180 bill every month.

Fortunately, prices have gone back down, but gas is still a considerable expense. As of the time of this writing, the U.S. average gas price per gallon sits at around $2.45, according to AAA Monthly Gas Price reports. This means that typical drivers can get away with spending in the range of $100 to $120 on gas per month. That is, if they have an “average” commute and a vehicle with “average” fuel economy.

Your vehicle’s gas mileage can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your out-of-pocket gasoline expenses. We’ve created a list of cars with the best and worst gas mileage. Each of the vehicles with the worst mileage all get 20 miles per gallon or less. And the best? You can get up to 50 miles per gallon out of these non-electric options.

Vehicles with the worst gas mileage

Data source: U.S. Department of Energy/Graphic: Erika Rawes

The graphic above shows some of the 2015 vehicles (cars and small trucks) with the worst gas mileage:

  • Infinity QX50 – 20 miles per gallon
  • Toyota Tacoma 4WD – 17 miles per gallon
  • Nissan Frontier 4WD – 17 miles per gallon
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG Coupe – 15 miles per gallon
  • Chevy Camaro – 14 miles per gallon

Of these five vehicles, the Camaro has the lowest miles-per-gallon rating, with 14, and the Infinity has the highest at 20 miles per gallon.

These are not the only vehicles that guzzle gas, though. Here are a few more cars the Department of Energy pegged as having poor gas mileage (however, note that these are all luxury vehicles):

Cars with the best gas mileage

When you’re looking for a vehicle with excellent fuel economy, an electric vehicle is generally going to offer you the best options. For instance, the Fiat 500e gets a combined miles-per-gallon rating of 116. However, hybrids still provide impressive fuel efficiency. These are the most fuel efficient non-electric cars of 2015:

Vehicle Specs Combined miles per gallon (MPG)
Toyota Prius C Hybrid 4 cyl, 1.5 L, Automatic (CVT), HEV, Regular 50
Toyota Prius Hybrid 4 cyl, 1.8 L, Automatic (CVT), HEV, Regular 50
Toyota Prius V 4 cyl, 1.8 L, Automatic (CVT), HEV, Regular 42
Ford C-MAX Hybrid 4 cyl, 2.0 L, Automatic (CVT), HEV, Regular 40
Honda CR-Z 4 cyl, 1.5 L, Automatic (AV-S7), Regular 37