5 Cars That Would Make the Best Limos

Source: Morgan Motor Co.

Whether it’s time for Donald Trump to head out for some fresh hair, a bachelor party needs a set of wheels to get all the groomsmen down to the Vegas strip, or it’s prom night and everyone wants to ride together, there is no denying the useful significance of a limousine. With their extravagant interiors, spacious seating accommodations, VIP status association, and full chauffeur service, these massive pieces of machinery are built to trundle down the road in great comfort.

While they wouldn’t be very practical as daily drivers, there’s still an undeniable demand for these elongated automobiles all over the world. Actresses need a roomy place to change when hopping between film release parties, musicians need room for the whole band (and any groupies that happen to be tagging along), and members of Congress need an office on wheels that gives them the ability to work out all of the pressing details surrounding their next two-month vacation.

Sure, we admit there are some glaring issues with the typical limousine – chiefly that they’re gas-guzzling leviathans that have the turning radius of an Imperial Star Destroyer. On top of that, they suffer from massive blind spots, poor traction due to being rear-wheel-drive, and are completely incapable of parking in an average parking spot.

So if we had our own limo service and could modify a handful of cars of our choosing into limousines, what would we pick? More importantly, what could these limos offer that would set them apart from the rest of the heard, making these cars a highly requested mode of transit? We put our heads together, weighed a handful of fun options, and came up with the following list of unique limo choices that need to be built and put into service ASAP!

Source: Honda
Source: Honda

 1. Honda Odyssey

We begin our posh check list with a sensible offering from Honda. For decades, the Odyssey has been a solid go-to for soccer moms, as well as the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama Race Team, who climbed Pikes Peak in a stripped down race Odyssey a while back. So why is something as simplistic as the Odyssey a solid choice for a limousine?

For one, it already comes equipped with a roomy interior, so stretching it out is going to offer a great deal of space to anyone wanting a very large limousine. Second, this is a V6 equipped Honda, so it has ample power and acceptable fuel economy. It’s also cheaper to purchase, repair, and own when compared to higher-end limousines, and it being a Honda means it is going to last a very long time. Plus, we like the idea of a limo with sliding doors and a built in vacuum so the chauffeur can clean up the cabin before the rock stars return for another raucous round of debauchery.

Source: Aston Martin

 2. Aston Martin Rapide S

Up next is a limo so plush that it’s almost impossible to leave the comfy confines of its cabin for that feather bed waiting inside the summer chateau. Sporting a potent 6.0 liter V12 that churns out a terminal speed of 203 miles per hour, a zero-60 sprint of just 4.2 seconds, and 552 horsepower, the Rapide S is set to deliver the goods in a comfortable and timely fashion. But power isn’t what Aston Martin is famous for, so delve into the interior and indulge in a beautiful blend of futuristic and classic styling along with luxurious amenities like leather — lots of leather. According to Aston Martin, the Rapide S uses “more leather than any other Aston Martin in history.” Couple this with a stylish array of metal trimmings along with some diamond patterned leather headliners, toss in a chandelier for good measure and we’re off to the country club for a game of squash.

Source: Morgan Motor Co.

 3. Morgan Aero 8

For all those old school Wall Street billionaires and British dignitaries out there who find that modern limousines feel a tad bit too “new,” we have just the limo for you. With its classic roadster front end housing a potent V8, and swooping fender lines that are impossible to ignore, the Aero 8 would make a superb throwback limo for anyone pining for the automotive days of old. The classically classy flow doesn’t stop with the exterior either, as the interior is sure to wow passengers with its hand-trimmed styling points, plush leather, and hand-carved wood accents. Throw in a lightweight aluminum chassis to save a little weight and this British buggy is sure to please even Mary Poppins herself. We don’t know how this would be executed exactly, since we’re not engineers — just dreamers. And while we’re dreaming, why not?

Black Shark
Source: Dartz

 4. Dartz Black Shark

And now for something wholeheartedly hardcore to better accommodate the likes of celebrities and athletes of larger stature, dignitaries who need superior protection, and drug kingpins who occasionally need to ram roadblocks. The heavily armored menace seen here is none other than Dartz’s 1,500 horsepower juggernaut, the “Black Shark.” According to Dartz, the truck can be equipped with a whale foreskin-wrapped interior and was originally “designed for Russian Federation’s leaders and inspired by [a] powerful Black Shark military helicopter.” Affluent occupants can travel in comfort knowing they are protected by features like “electrochromatic windows for your privacy, custom safety (disappearing) coach door-handles (with anti-papparazzi shock-device), Kevlar-Titanium body to prevent the use of magnetic mines, rotating bulletproof grill with Dartz badge and your customizable monogram as well as armoring up to grade B7.”

Source: Tesla

 5. Tesla S

In closing, we shift from one extreme to another, with a Tesla S limousine. Sharp and secure handling coupled with a clean and futuristic cabin are just many of the basic features one can enjoy in Tesla S. So flip one of these machines into a full-blown limo, and movie stars and Greenpeace fanatics alike are going to be clamoring for one on a Friday night.

With Tesla’s stunning electronic interior offerings, futuristic design patterns, and recent “range minder” upgrade, there are few things on the road more sci-fi than this sleek celebrity sled. There is also the added benefit of the car not having an engine in the front or the rear, so bag handling is a cinch when picking up a billionaire’s daughter from a shopping spree or her mother when she disembarks from her Armani-designed yacht with matching designer luggage in tow.