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Flooding has become more common over the past several years. Four-wheel-drive vehicles, like SUVs and trucks, can handle shallow floodwaters. And cars with high ground clearance are great options for driving through high water. Additionally, those with reinforced body panels can also handle flooding better than other vehicles.

Below, we’ve chosen five models from a Yahoo News list that can help you make it through floodwaters.

The Land Rover Defender easily navigates flooded areas

A 1977 Land Rover Defender Series III Stage One V8 and a 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 travel side-by-side on a wet road
1977 Land Rover Defender Series III Stage One V8 and 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 | Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender is a capable off-road vehicle. It is famous for making it through some pretty harsh conditions. The Defender can take on up to 900mm (35.4 inches) of water if driven through gently. Drive through deeper water, and the Defender can still make it, as long as you slow down a bit so that you don’t break the drive train. Its ground clearance is 8.86 inches, enough to keep the Defender from getting stuck in most floodwaters.

The Toyota Fortuner is another excellent high-water vehicle 

The Toyota Fortuner is another off-road vehicle that can handle floods. With a ground clearance of 8.7 inches, it can go through floods up to 27.5 inches deep. This SUV has undergone testing in different countries to make sure it can handle different terrains. It’s a great vehicle for driving around during the rainy season and exploring new places.

The Subaru Forester drives through floods like a pro

The Subaru Forester is a good option for making it through floods. Its design allows it to handle all kinds of driving and weather conditions. It can go through up to 19.6 inches of floodwater, but the speed should be limited to crawl speed. Navigating floodwaters at a low speed will keep the engine from getting submerged. This vehicle has a ground clearance of 8.7 inches. Thus, the Forester is perfect for exploring new places such as hiking or camping sites.

The Tesla Model 3 does more than just wade through water

The Tesla Model 3 is a popular option for those looking to make it through floods. Because this EV has a motor instead of an engine, it can go places gas-powered vehicles cannot. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted the car floats well and can turn into a boat temporarily. 

Although the car floats well, it’s still vital not to drive it into deep water. It can make it through water up to 38 inches deep. It should not go faster than 20 mph, and the water should be as calm as possible.

The Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon is the future flood navigator

The Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon is another off-road option that can handle flooded areas. It has a ground clearance of 12.9 inches and can go through floods up to 33.6 inches deep at speeds under 20 mph. 

The hybrid Wrangler comes with a waterproof battery pack that gives it a fording depth of 30 inches. According to Jeep CEO Christian Meunier via The Detroit News, the automaker plans to build cars that can go underwater. He claims future Jeep models will be able to drive when fully submerged in water. Such a vehicle will allow owners to explore the most remote areas without fear of damage or getting stuck.

The above vehicles can help you make it through floods, but they are not perfect. It’s important to note that driving through flooded areas can be dangerous and may damage your vehicle. Some flooded areas may be too deep to drive through without getting stuck or washed away. 

Keep in mind that still water is potentially dangerous, especially if you don’t know the area. The vehicles listed above are the best options to consider if you live in or travel to places with a history of flooding. 


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