These 5 Brands Offer the Best Dealership Experience, Says Consumer Reports

Much like Consumer Reports rates cars, trucks, and SUVs in various categories, it also rates brands and dealerships. These brands offer the best dealership experience based on courtesy, timeliness, quality, and repair price. You might not be surprised that a few luxury brands made it into the top five, starting with Lexus.

Lexus was the top brand that offers the best dealership experience, followed by Volvo

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A Toyota Motor Corp. Lexus logo at the company’s dealership | Toru Hanai/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Regarding the overall score, Consumer Reports put the Lexus brand first out of 40. Consumer Reports used ratings from 40,329 Consumer Reports members reporting on 45,457 repair shop experiences to determine which brands had the best dealership experience.

The Lexus brand dealership had high scores for courtesy and timeliness. Consumer Reports says that courtesy refers to the courteousness of the repair staff. The high score for timeliness is for getting the work done in the promised time frame. Another high score in the quality area referred to Lexus getting the job done right the first time.

Repairs can be expensive, but Lexus is a luxury brand. With luxury brands come luxury prices on routine maintenance. Either way, Lexus was the top brand that offered the best dealership experience. The Lexus RX is America’s favorite SUV for a reason.

Volvo had identical scores to Lexus, which means it technically tied Lexus for first place. Consumer Reports said the Volvo dealership delivered on courtesy, timeliness, and quality.

The Toyota brand also offers the best dealership experience

Just behind Lexus and Volvo was Toyota. People found the Toyota dealership offered courteous service, which received top marks. The areas of timeliness and quality also stood out. Consumer Reports only gave one dealership an average score for the repair price, and Toyota was not that brand. It is good the dealerships are comfortable since Toyota is known to make vehicles that last more than 200,000 miles.

Acura and Honda were up next. The dealerships were courteous, timely, and performed high-quality work overall. That’s a good sign for the large number of people who probably have to go into an Acura or Honda dealership.

Lincoln was up next and was the brand with the best score for the repair price. Drivers also found this dealership courteous, which customers appreciated. That means the top brands that offer the best dealership experience are Lexus, Volvo, Toyota, Acura, Honda, and Lincoln.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealerships did not impress in any category


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Mini, BMW, and Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram are the bottom three brands. Consumer Reports rated Mini as being courteous, timely, and high-quality. The price of repair tends to be high at the Mini dealership. Similarly, BMW received high marks for courtesy but not-so-great scores for the repair price.

In the last place, out of 40 brands, Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealerships fell behind. None of the areas really stood out as a positive, but the repair price was alright.

If your local dealership isn’t meeting expectations, perhaps there is another high-quality repair shop nearby. Consumer Reports has tips on finding the right shop for you.