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  • The Honda Civic is still the best used car buy
  • A Subaru Impreza wagon is just as practical as any new crossover
  • Buy a Honda Accord to haul the entire family on the cheap

Frankly, nothing on this list of the best used cars will surprise you. Honestly, that’s kind of the point. These will be reliable, practical used cars that’ll get you where you need to go. And they’ll do it cheaply. After all, cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are built for this kind of thing.

A red Honda Civic, voted one of the best used cars for 2022, seen here in a photo booth
The Civic is always a good used buy | Eric Piermont via Getty Images

The Honda Civic is the best used car for 2022

We perused iSeeCars’ list to cherry-pick the best, and we’re starting with it. For decades, the Honda Civic has been the used whip, and for good reason. There’s a Civic trim level for every price range. Obviously, the best Civic will always be the newest, nicest one you can afford. The previous-gen Civic (above) is a sweet spot, offering a range of economical engines as well as your choice of a hatchback, sedan, or coupe body. Expect to pay under $25K for a nice one.

A Honda Accord is a bigger Civic for families

A black Honda Accord shot from the front 3/4 at a dealership
Honda’s Accord is an excellent family sedan | Yichuan Cao via Getty Images

However, one of the Civic’s weaknesses is its size. That’s where our next best used car for 2022 comes in. Again, cherry-picked off iSeeCars’ list, the Accord stood out to us. Offering only a sedan body, the Accord is perfect for those who need just a little more rear-seat room than the Civic offers. In short, a used Honda Accord is perfect for families. There’s even a hybrid. Again, expect to pay around $25K depending on model year and trim.

The Toyota Camry is America’s best-selling used car

A white Toyota Camry shot from the front 3/4
The Camry, yet another paragon of the used market | Toyota

Now for a used car even more obvious than the Honda Civic or Accord. The Toyota Camry is a best-seller for a reason, after all. That doesn’t change in the used market, either. Offering a range of engines, including a hearty V6, there’s a Camry trim level for everyone. Be aware that everyone knows the secret here, and expect to pay around $27K for an exceptional used model.

A Toyota Corolla is a cheap used car perfect for anyone

The Toyota Camry, one of the best used cars to buy, shot here from the front 3/4 in red paint
The Toyota Corolla is a boilerplate used car | Toyota

However, if $25K-$27K is a bit rich for your blood, there’s always the Toyota Corolla. While its trim levels don’t span the same massive range as the Camry, there’s still plenty of Corolla to go around. That said, note that the Corolla is the smallest used car here, so it’s not for everyone. But the price is. $20K is plenty for a solid used Toyota Corolla.

The Subaru Impreza is shockingly practical

A pair of Subaru Impreza models, one a station wagon and the other a sedan
The Impreza wagon is incredibly practical | Subaru

Finally, rounding out the best used cars for 2022 is the Subaru Impreza. From WRX (even though that’s a standalone model) to the base models, the Impreza’s AWD makes it a standout here. So does the wagon body, which makes this thing just as usable as any brand new crossover. The Honda Civic might be the best used car right now, but our money is going to an Impreza wagon, which can be had for around $23K.


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