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Winter is just around the corner, which means we need to get ready for the snow to start flying. For those who love the thrill of snowmobiling, that’s a great sign. Those new to the sport are probably wondering which machines they should get to have the best experience possible for an affordable price. Maybe you just got your snowmobile license (if your state requires one), and you’re ready to buy. Which one do you go for? Here are five models to check out that are great for beginner riders.

1. Polaris Indy EVO

Back in the day, Arctic Thundercats were the go-to snowmobiles, but now riders are turning to big-name brands, like Polaris, to find a machine that offers the most thrilling rides. The Polaris Indy EVO is one of the best for new riders on the market. Those who are shorter in stature will also benefit from this model. The brand positioned the sled lower and made it narrower than what you would find on a full-size model to help give the rider more control. It comes standard with an electric start, but you can get it without that feature.

According to Polaris, it runs on a 550 fan-cooled engine that will limit the sled’s speed to 50 mph. When the rider develops more skill, they can add an accessory kit that will allow the snowmobile to go faster. You can also get an under-seat bag, giving you more storage and some wraps to customize the sled’s design. Pricing begins at $7,399.

2. Polaris Indy 121

According to Fast Trac Traction, This model is for recreational riders looking for a more controllable ride. It’s great for beginners because it offers lighter steering with sharper cornering. Overall it’s lost some weight due to the removal of torsion springs and newly designed torque arms, which makes controlling the machine easier for someone new to the sport. 

With the coil-over suspension, you can handle deep snow with ease. Pricing for this model begins at $8,099 and gets you the Liberty 550 Fan engine, IFP shocks for front and rear tracks, and a PRO Ride suspension system. 

3. Ski-Doo MXZ Sport

A red, black, and gray 2023 Ski-Doo MXZ snowmobile model
2023 Ski-Doo MXZ snowmobile | BRP

Built on a new Rev Gen5 Platform, this snowmobile offers sharp handling in almost any snow depth. Powering it up is a Rotax 600 EFI two-stroke engine producing 85 hp. Other impressive features of the Ski-Doo MXZ Sport are the Brembo braking system, heated throttle lever grips, RER reverse system, and standard electric start. 

What makes it perfect for beginners? It’s easy to start and doesn’t need as much maintenance as other models, so the rider can focus more on developing their sled skills. The price for this model begins at $9,149, one of the highest prices on the market.

4. Yamaha SX Venom

The Yamaha SX Venom is geared toward new, returning, and youth riders because it’s lightweight and comes with an electric start, electronic reverse, and digital gauges. Powering it up is a fuel-injected 397cc 2-stroke engine with a single-cylinder setup. The single-keel ski offers just enough balance to enable the rider to maintain control, no matter the terrain, which hopefully won’t be on thin ice.

Coming in at $8,999 to start, you get a 121 X 14 Camso Hacksaw track, which is designed to be a little narrower and shorter than other models to help newbies learn snowmobiling skills quickly. You also get comfortable seating to handle all the bumps on the trail and an 11.7-gallon fuel tank, so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas before the ride is done.

5. 2023 Ski-Doo MXZ Neo


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If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced sled at an affordable price, then the 2023 Ski-Doo MXZ Neo is the snowmobile for you. Starting at $6,399, this model offers a 600 EFI engine that can be configured in two ways. If you choose the standard Neo version, you’ll get a 40-hp output. If you opt for the Neo+, you’ll get the 55-hp package. 

Built to be smaller than the full-size models, the MXZ Neo utilizes advanced suspension technology to make riding a breeze while enabling the rider to have control when making turns. 

The Neo+ starts at $7,199 and comes with a Ripsaw track, a compact digital display, and the Pilot 5.7 skis. The lowered height for both Neo models makes them perfect for beginners to climb on and off and handle the machine as it speeds down the snow trails. 

If you’re a beginner snowmobile rider, you’ll find a great entry-level machine from one of these five models currently on the market. With prices ranging from $6,399 to $9,149, you can find just what you need for an affordable price. Check with your state to see if it requires you to obtain insurance for your snowmobile before you purchase.