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Are you looking for that go-anywhere, no-holds-barred, tough-riding, off-road truck for your wilderness adventures? If so, you’ll want to see what Kelley Blue Book recommends. How can you go wrong with one of the best off-road trucks from this highly respected automotive resource?

The Chevy Colorado ZR2 sits at the top of most lists of off-road trucks

2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2
2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 | Chevrolet

Maybe you feel that Kelley Blue Book recommending the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is a bit on the nose, but why wouldn’t that be the case? This pickup sits two inches higher than the regular Colorado, offers increased wheel travel, and has a wider track. Toss in the power of the V6 or diesel engines, and you’ve got a 4WD truck that can go everywhere. Sometimes, the most obvious choice is the best choice.

When you want a massive off-road truck, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon is right for you

2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon
2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon | Ram

We don’t always associate off-road trucks with the heavy-duty truck class. That said, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon has always been an outlier. This incredible pickup brings the desired power desired and an amazing suspension with a disconnecting anti-roll bar to give this pickup long-range wheel travel and wheel articulation. The Warn winch system and 360-degree camera system round out some of the best features that make this Ram truck a true off-roader.

How could we leave the Ford F-150 Raptor off this list of off-road trucks?

Blue 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor off-road truck posed in a desert scene
2022 Ford F-150 Raptor | Ford

Well, we aren’t leaving the Raptor off this truck. There’s no denying the amazing power and performance of the Raptor. This truck handles the high-speed driving you want out on the desert floor, and it can climb any mountain in your path. The Fox racing shocks, large wheels, and 450-horsepower coming from the twin-turbocharged V6 engine make this pickup one amazing truck to drive on any terrain.

You’ve got to check out the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

Jeep Gladiator in the Rebelle Rally
Jeep Gladiator in the Rebelle Rally | Rebelle Rally

When Jeep turned the venerable Wrangler into a pickup truck with the Gladiator name, a new off-road truck arrived. This amazing truck offers the formula that’s worked well for the Wrangler for decades. This formula includes solid axles, large tires, short overhands, and the impressive Rubicon off-road spec package. This is one of the best off-road trucks for you to enjoy driving deep into the wilderness. The open truck bed makes this pickup a great option when you want to be part of a Jeep club while still driving a truck.

Is the GMC Hummer EV one of the best off-road trucks?

GMC Hummer EV Towing a Boat and putting it in the water
GMC Hummer EV Towing a Boat | GMC

The first electric off-road truck arrived and changed the game. The GMC Hummer EV is fast, capable, and futuristic while riding on an incredible all-electric powertrain. This supertruck has tons of torque to ride through the mud and the muck, but it also has a few tricks. The Crab Walk Mode allows this GMC to drive at an angle around obstacles, the Extract Model raises the truck to go over some items in the path, and the Watts to Freedom shows how a 9,000-pound truck can rocket to 60 mph in three seconds. When you’ve got the scratch to buy this off-road truck, it can be an absolute dream machine on the trails.

Could one of these five off-road trucks recommended by Kelley Blue Book become the pickup you love to drive when it’s time to head out for some trail-riding fun?

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