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With car prices at an all-time high due to supply chain shortages and a lack of inventory, many consumers are now, more than ever, taking into account the resale value of their potential vehicle purchases. Many consumers don’t plan on owning their car for the duration of its life, so making sure that their vehicle will be worth some resale value in the future is an important factor. If you’re looking to buy a luxury vehicle, CarEdge has you covered. In fact, the outlet released its luxury vehicle guide, which showcases the luxury car brands with the best resale value after three years.

5. Audi

Coming in 5th place, according to CarEdge, is the German automotive giant, Audi. The Audi car brand is known for producing wonderful luxury cars that hold their value more than most of the competition. If you buy an Audi, you can expect a resale value of around 79.63% of an initial new vehicle’s MSRP after three years. If you are looking for the Audi with the best resale value on average, that would be the Audi A6 and A5, which have a typical resale value of around 84% after three years of ownership.

4. Tesla

The electric vehicle (EV) brand Tesla is still at the top of its game, with some of the highest resale values in the automotive industry today. Tesla, as a luxury car brand, just edges out Audi for 4th place in average residual value at around 79.74% resale value after three years. The Tesla Model S has the highest resale value of all of the Tesla models at 84.33% residual value after three years.

3. Lexus

Lexus has always produced vehicles with high resale values. Not only do Lexus vehicles impress consumers with their features and performance alone, but because all of the Lexus internals are based on Toyota components, they have a huge potential for reliability and longevity. Lexus vehicles have an average three-year resale value of 79.82%, too. The Lexus vehicle with the highest resale value overall is the ES 350, which has an industry-leading 91.73% three-year residual value.

2. Porsche

This German performance car brand is impressive on the track and the road and also in the value retention department. Porsche’s vehicles carry an average of 82.33% resale value retention after three years. The highest-value Porsche after three years of ownership is the Porsche 911, which holds a 91.46% residual value after three years of ownership.

1. Acura

A 2021 Acura ILX A-Spec luxury car parked
2021 Acura ILX A-Spec Acura
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Lexus isn’t the only Japanese-based luxury brand on this list. For the top spot, Honda’s luxury sub-brand, Acura, takes the trophy for the best luxury car brand in resale value. Regardless of which Acura you choose on the lot, you can expect an average value retention of around 86.29% after three years of ownership. When it comes to the best Acura for resale value retention, that would be the Acura ILX, which holds an average resale value retention of around 87.58% after three years.

No matter which of these luxury brands you choose, you are bound to feel confident in your purchase, knowing that you will be behind the wheel of a car that leads the industry in holding its value.