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Watersports are fun and exciting. But there’s more to them than taking your boat out on the water. Jet skis make for an exhilarating experience, especially when you add water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. With so many brands and models available, we’ve narrowed the list to the five best jet skis for tow sports. 

Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230

A jet ski tows people riding an inflatable tube in the Baltic Sea in June 2021
Jet ski tubing | Vitaly Nevar\TASS via Getty Images

If you’re looking for the best, the Wake Pro 230 delivers the most stable ride for tow sports, Sea-Doo claims. It has pre-programmed launch settings for the most precise wakeboard and ski launches. Its big swim platform makes it ideal for stability and prepping for tow sports. Because it has a wider hull, it delivers stability from its lower center of gravity, even when traversing rough waters. The Wake Pro 230’s engine produces 230 hp.

In terms of extras, this jet ski offers great waterproof front storage to haul belongings and keep things dry. It also has a retractable ski pylon and a Bluetooth audio system.

Sea-Doo GTI SE 130

This Sea-Doo offers the perfect balance between fun and tow sports, Jet Ski Advice reports. It’s more economical than the Wake Pro 230, but the GTI SE 130 still delivers an impressive 130 hp. Even though it’s featured as part of Sea-Doo’s general recreation line, the GTI is equipped with a tow hook and can handle towing two adults tubing with ease. It’s great for riding on the ocean and traversing other waterways. 

To keep your phone or camera dry, this jet ski has a watertight storage compartment with an optional integrated USB port for charging devices. There are two riding modes — Eco and Sport — to customize your experience on the water.

Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport

According to Jet Ski Tips outlines, the WaveRunner EX Sport is designed for towing. It has a larger storage space, dual rear-view mirrors, an upgraded tow hook, and a reboarding step that can retract when not in use. This WaveRunner can also accommodate up to three people. Not only that, but its lightweight three-cylinder engine also has great fuel economy.

It’s not as expensive as some other models and is a solid choice for tow sports.

Yamaha FX Cruiser HO

This jet ski offers both performance and a reasonable price, according to Jet Ski Advice. It has good handling and has a supercharged engine to boot. Yamaha attributes that to the FX Cruiser HO’s Nanoxcel technology, delivering a remarkable power-to-weight ratio. Riders have accommodating deep seats that are easy to hold for support

The FX Cruiser HO also has a touchscreen display to customize your ride, monitor vital functions, and security features. It provides a dry storage area to store towels or other items as well. 

Yamaha FX Limited SVHO

The Yamaha FX Limited SVHO is a seriously impressive luxury model. Jet Ski advice assures its performance is suited for towing two adults on a tube, along with the driver and a spotter riding. It’s also on the high end of the price range, but it delivers great features and handling.

The FX Limited SVHO is equipped with lots of extras, including a 4.3-inch touchscreen, which Yamaha says offers customization and security to prevent unauthorized use. The engine delivers more torque than other jet skis, and it even has a custom cooler and storage area. Plus, the FX Limited Accessory Package brings all kinds of tech, such as waterproof Bluetooth wireless speakers and a mounted Garmin Striker GPS Fish Finder. 


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