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As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to enter the mainstream automotive market, consumers are now, more than ever, considering an EV purchase over a gas-powered vehicle. While there are plenty of upsides to owning an electric car, including fewer maintenance costs and less servicing overall, there are also many exciting new EV features that are often overlooked, which would be impressive and exciting even in a regular gas-powered vehicle. The good news is that Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recently put together a list of its favorite electric car features that you can find on EVs today:

Value performance? Buy an EV with a boost button, says KBB

While it is nothing new to see a car have a performance or sport mode, there are not many gas-powered cars that can pull off a performance-minded mode like the boost button found in multiple EVs on the market, including the Genesis GV60.

Gas-powered vehicles typically use different shift timing in the transmission to pull off a sport mode, giving drivers more torque at lower speeds. However, due to the technology found in EVs, you can get an instant boost in performance with the touch of a button. While your range might suffer a bit if this button is used regularly, it is fantastic to have extra power at the touch of a button when you need it, reports KBB.

Signature sounds are a common car feature in new EVs

One of the few factors keeping gas-powered vehicle lovers from making the jump the electric vehicles is the sound you hear when behind the wheel. With an EV, you aren’t getting the classic rumble of an American V8 or the ripping sounds of a turbo four-cylinder engine. Instead, more often than not, you’re getting nothing but silence behind the wheel of an EV.

However, car brands have recently gone out of their way to start producing soundfonts to give drivers a satisfying sound behind the wheel of their car, reports KBB. BMW, for example, has tapped the world-famous film score composer Hans Zimmer to design satisfying and inspiring sounds for every sound in their EV lineup. You may not get a V8 rumble, but you will get an award-winning composer’s music and sounds played for you.

One-pedal driving is a car feature with several benefits

One-pedal driving has been found in plug-in hybrid vehicles for years now. However, it is still a car feature we can’t get enough of. With EVs, rolling power can be converted into power to charge the battery a bit while you are driving. 

With these systems in place, a vehicle can be driven with one pedal where the accelerator is pushed to move forward, and regenerative braking kicks in when the pedal is released. This also saves your brakes as well, with most EVs being able to stop in most traffic situations using regenerative braking only.

Choosing an EV with 120-volt outlets means extra power

A Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck
F-150 Lightning Lariat | Ford

While most new cars feature some form of low-voltage power outlet found in the cabin, many new EVs can power complete campsites. Take, for example, The F-150 EV. Ford F-150 Lightning models have successfully powered power tools for large-scale construction, ultimately offering enough power for workers to have a mobile break station with enough battery power left to make the drive home.

With EVs carrying so much voltage, the possibilities for what you can do with these electric-powered vehicles can be endless.

Plugless Power is making wireless charging possible for new EVs

No, we are not talking about the wireless charging car feature that charges your phone on your armrest while you drive. Instead, we are talking about EV charging stations that can charge your EV without using a conventional plug-in system.

According to KBB, Plugless Power, a new company aiming to take the plug out of the EV charging networks, is making charging stations that can charge a Tesla Model S, with Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt compatibility coming shortly. This charging system will allow drivers to drive over a panel to start charging, which dampens the fear of tampering and theft that drivers may fear when charging their EV at a regular charging station.

The future looks bright for EVs

While EVs still have a long way to go when holding a consumer base for the long run, these car features and advancements in technology make it all the more exciting to get behind the wheel of an EV as soon as possible!


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