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The five best battery-powered lawn mowers in 2022 guide highlights:

  • The best budget-friendly battery-powered lawn mowers are the Greenworks 25223 40V 19” push mower, Hart Tools HLPM011VNM 40V 20” push mower, and Hart Tools HLPM021VNM 40V 20” self-propelled mower
  • For a bit more, you can get either the 56-volt EGO Power+ 21” LM2012SP or the 40-volt Ryobi RY401140US HP Brushless 21” self-propelled mower
  • The Toro 21388T 60V Max 21” Super Recycler is an expensive electric lawn mower, but it’s also one of the sturdiest and best-performing

For years, gas-powered lawn mowers were the only ‘real’ option for serious yard work. But thanks to modern battery technology, electric lawn mowers can shred grass without dragging cords around. And they can do it without hurting your ears or clogging up the air. However, not all electric mowers are created equal. The battery-powered lawn mowers described below, though, are the best ones on sale in 2022.

The Greenworks 25223 40V 19” push mower is the best budget battery-powered lawn mower

A green-and-black Greenworks 25223 40V 19” battery-powered push lawn mower with two batteries and a charger
The Greenworks 25223 40V 19” push mower is one of the best affordable battery-powered lawn mowers | Greenworks

Greenworks makes a variety of affordably-priced battery-powered yard equipment, including lawn mowers. Several of these mowers have earned high marks from the likes of Bob Vila and Consumer Reports over the years. But the one that earned Popular Mechanics’ Best Value award was the $380 Greenworks 25223 40V 19” push mower.

As a push mower, the Greenworks 25223 is great for those with small yards. Also, this battery-powered lawn mower has a seven-position blade, steel deck, and a 4.0-Ah and 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery. These batteries are compatible with all of Greenworks’ G-Max 40V tools, too. Plus, the 25223 has three discharge options: rear bag, side, and mulch.

Although it’s ‘just’ a push mower, the Greenworks 25223’s 10” rear and 7” front wheels make it easy to maneuver, PM says. It’s also easy to store; you can even hang it up, though watch out for its 53-lb weight.

Admittedly, the 25223 could benefit from through-the-handle bag access, PM reports. But if you want a solid battery-powered lawn mower for not a lot of cash, this is arguably the best option.

The Ryobi RY401140US 40V HP Brushless 21” is simple, effective, and one of the best battery-powered lawn mowers you can buy

The open battery docks of a green-and-silver Ryobi RY401140US 40V HP Brushless 21” self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower
The Ryobi RY401140US 40V HP Brushless 21” self-propelled mower is one of the best battery-powered lawn mowers | Ryobi

Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports both recommend several Ryobi battery-powered lawn mowers for a reason. In addition to long-lived batteries, the brand has a variety of electric lawn mowers to fit a variety of yards and budgets. There’s even one with all-wheel drive, the $800 self-propelled Ryobi RY401210 40V HP Brushless 21” Whisper Series mower.

But if you just want a “simple, effective” electric lawn mower, PM notes, Ryobi has better-suited options. It’s a bit louder and has a slightly shorter running time, but the Ryobi RY401140US 40V HP Brushless 21” self-propelled mower is arguably the better buy. And at $500, it’s significantly more affordable.

However, that doesn’t mean this battery-powered lawn mower is cheap. It has a seven-position blade, three discharge settings, integrated LEDs, and a lifetime warranty for its corrosion-resistant polypropylene deck. Also, it’s made in the U.S.A. In addition, it has dual battery ports, so you can run both its 6-Ah batteries at the same time. Plus, it comes with one-touch-fold aluminum handles and a 40V rapid charger.

Although Ryobi claims the RY4014440US has up to a 70-minute running time, Consumer Reports found that was more like 60 minutes. Also, at 61.5 pounds, it’s not the lightest battery-powered lawn mower out there. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still one of the best.

Whether you get the LM2012SP or splurge on the LM2135SP, you won’t miss gas with a 56-volt EGO Power+ 21” mower

Besides the benefits mentioned earlier, switching from gasoline to an electric lawn mower also lowers your maintenance requirements. But some might worry that a battery-powered mower isn’t strong enough to handle yard duty. However, to paraphrase CNET, that’s not a problem for the 56-volt EGO Power+ line. And if you want the best, look no further than the self-propelled 21” LM2012SP and LM2135SP Select Cut.

At $700, the EGO Power+ 21” Select Cut LM2135SP might be overkill for some yard aficionados. However, it’s also Consumer Reports’ highest-rated battery-powered push lawn mower. And it arguably justifies that price tag with features like Touch Drive and the Select Cut Multi-Blade System.

With the former, you can activate the self-propelling function literally by touch and adjust the speed with a dial. And the latter gives you three additional interchangeable blades: Mulching, High Lift Bagging, and Extended Runtime. Speaking of running time, EGO claims the LM2135SP lasts up to 60 minutes on a charge. CR, though, found the electric lawn mower’s 7.5-Ah is ‘only’ good for about 50 minutes. But on the plus side, it’s very quiet and its weather-resistant deck has integrated LEDs.

If the LM2135SP is a bit too much, features- or cost-wise, for you, CNET recommends the $500 EGO Power+ 21” LM2012SP. It doesn’t have the Touch Drive or Select Cut System, and it has six height settings rather than seven. However, despite its 62.6-pound weight, this battery-powered lawn mower “performed like a tank” regardless of the terrain, CNET says. Also, it’s surprisingly easy to maneuver, even at that weight.

Plus, like the LM2135SP, the LM2012SP has integrated LEDs and a weather-resistant deck, and it folds up for easier storage. And it has the same 7.5-Ah battery that’s compatible with other EGO Power+ devices.

The Hart Tools self-propelled HLPM021VNM and push HLPM011VNM are some of the best affordable battery-powered lawn mowers

A white-and-blue Hart Tools HLPM021VNM 40V 20” self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower
The Hart Tools HLPM021VNM 40V 20” self-propelled mower is one of the best affordable battery-powered lawn mowers | Hart Tools

Although the Greenworks 25223 is one of the best affordable battery-powered lawn mowers, it’s not the only good one. Hart Tools also makes budget-friendly electric lawn mowers. And two of its best choices are the $267 HLPM011VNM 40V 20” push mower and $322 HLPM021VNM 40V 20” self-propelled mower.

The HLPM021VNM makes electric lawn mowers easy for beginners, PM says. Its controls are virtually identical to gas-powered mowers, minus the need to pull-start an engine. In addition, its 5-Ah battery has enough juice to cut roughly 0.2 acres and its 58-lb weight makes it reasonably easy to control. It only comes with one battery, but its bay can accommodate a second one. And like the EGO Power+ and Ryboi mowers, the HLPM021VNM has a single-point height adjustment with a 1.5”-4” range.

Since it’s a push mower, the HLPM011VNM sacrifices driven wheels for a lower price tag and weight (52 lbs vs. 56 lbs). But otherwise, it’s identical to the HLPM021VNM, down to the 5-Ah battery and 40-volt brushless motor with adaptive speed control. Plus, like its self-propelled sibling, it folds up for more convenient storage.

No, neither of these Hart Tools battery-powered lawn mowers are particularly flashy. But they’re solid workhorses, especially for the price.

It’s expensive, but the Toro 21388T 60V Max 21” Super Recycler is one of the best electric mowers money can buy

The Toro 21388T 60V Max 21” Super Recycler isn’t the most expensive battery-powered lawn mower on this list. But at $650, it’s still rather pricey—that’s almost riding lawn mower territory. And at 83 pounds, it’s heavier than any of the other electric lawn mowers on this list.

But then, this thing is built like a cast-aluminum brick, hence why PM named it the most durable battery-powered mower. And thanks to the shock absorber built into the handle, it’s also one of the most comfortable to use. Plus, thanks to its 60-volt electric motor, the Super Recycler can back up its name.

That name stems from this mower’s blade and deck design. Toro claims this ‘Super Recycler cutting system’ suspends clippings for longer periods to improve mulching and bagging. Admittedly, PM found the 21388T’s outright bagging performance “about average.” However, it also noted that the blade chopped and mulched grass into truly ultra-fine bits. In addition, the 60-volt motor makes cutting even thick, gnarly grass a cinch, especially with the side-discharge chute. And it leaves behind “an impeccable cut surface,” PM adds.

So, the Toro 21388T 60V Max 21” Super Recycler is far from the cheapest battery-powered electric motor. But it’s definitely one of the best on the market today.

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