5 Best/5 Worst Cities for Low Gas Prices in the U.S.

Everyone loves low gas prices, but annoyingly, they vary so much from place to place. A very brief explanation about why gasoline prices fluctuate so much depending on the season and the city in which you live is summarized from the U.S. Energy Information Association. Crude oil prices, as well as supply and demand, affect retail gasoline prices.

If you’re living in a city that’s on an island, that’s very remote, or one that’s densely populated, the demand often exceeds supply. Conversely, prices rise during peak travel times, such as holidays and the summer vacation season. That added pressure on available supplies creates pricing fluctuations. Some cities fare better than others; following is a list of the five best and five worst cities for low gas prices.

Shell Gas Station
A car fills up with gasoline | Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

5 worst cities for low gas prices in the U.S.

5. Hilo, HI, $3.77/gallon

Situated along the crescent-shaped Hilo Bay on the northeastern coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i, Hilo is home to the island’s only university, museums, restaurants, art galleries, and shops. The area’s waterfalls and exquisite gardens, like The Liliuokalani Gardens offer tourists a unique cultural experience.

4. Redding, CA, $3.81/gallon

Redding, CA, is located along the Sacramento River at the northern-most point of California’s Central Valley. It’s also at the base of the Shasta Cascade Mountains and 15 miles south of Shasta Lake.

Redding’s unique topography provides for outdoor activities, such as fishing, kayaking, swimming, and hiking.

3. Lihue, Kauai, HI, $3.83/gallon

Lihue is a cultural and government center on the island. You may choose to spend your Hawaiian vacation on one of Lihue’s many resorts. Surfing and lounging along the pristine beach are favorite pastimes on Lihue.

If you’re a cruise ship traveler, you may have docked at Lihue’s port for the day.

2. Wailuku, HI, $3.84/gallon

Wailuku, HI, is both a commercial and government center of the island. It also features a quaint downtown shopping area, complete with wooden sidewalks. Save on gas by taking a walking tour and enjoy wandering through the unique independently-owned shops.

1. San Luis Obispo/Atascadero/Paso Robles, CA, $3.84/gallon

SLO is currently ranked as the most expensive city in the country for petrol. MotorBiscuit offers a few money-saving tips to help keep your gas bill down.

While in SLO, enjoy music festivals, wine tastings, mission visits, and a stroll through the renowned farmer’s market.

Ethanol gasoline
Ethanol gasoline | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

5 best cities for low gas prices in the U.S.

5. South Haven/Olive Branch, MS, $2.15/gallon

Located just 13 miles south of Memphis, TN, Southaven, MS, is a sleeper community on the states’ border. With all of the money you save on gas, there is no end to the trips you can take to Graceland or Beale Street.

4. Biloxi/Gulfport/Pascagoula, MS, $2.14/gallon

Approximately 13 miles separate these Gulf of Mexico port towns, which will be no problem driving on the gas savings at the local pump. If you enjoy relaxing on white sandy beaches, touring local shops, dining at some first-class buffets, and a bit of gambling at the casinos, this area is for you.

3. Anniston/Oxford, AL, $2.14/gallon

As the county seat, Anniston offers both government and cultural activities; however, it’s in close proximity to the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountain ranges. Hiking and adventure activities are abundant as well as water recreation on Oxford Lake.

2. Monroe, LA, $2.13/gallon

Separated by the Ouachita River, the two distinct towns of Monroe/West Monroe, LA, offer the full flavor of Southern hospitality and charm. Visit the first Coca Cola bottling plant, enjoy the cuisine, and tour the gardens and museums.

1. Cleveland, TN, $2.10/gallon

Approximately 30 miles north of Chattanooga, TN, Cleveland offers much more than the nation’s cheapest gas prices. Enjoy hiking or biking in the Cherokee National Forest, boating on Chickamauga and Parksville Lakes, picking grapes at local vineyards, or taking in some shopping downtown.