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D'Rand Richardson uses a plow-fitted ATV to clear the parking lot in front of a Big Lots store in Louisville, Colorado

5 ATV Snow Plows Worth Checking Out Before the First Flurries Come Down

Some plows are better suited for certain ATVs and projects than others. And you'll probably need to decide what kind of snow plowing needs tackling. But in the end, these five models tend to land at the top of best lists and are a great place to start your snowplow comparison shopping.

All-terrain vehicles have long been a source of fun and adventure for enthusiasts. But ATVs make great work partners, too, especially when it comes to plowing snow in the winter. And if you’re in the market for an ATV plow for your upcoming winter projects, look no further. Here are five ATV plow models worth checking out before the snow starts falling.

The Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV plow is a beast

D'Rand Richardson uses a plow-fitted ATV to clear the parking lot in front of a Big Lots store in Louisville, Colorado
ATV snow plow | Glenn Asakawa/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV plow is a beast with its heavy-duty construction, adjustable skid pads, and six blade angles. It’s often a top pick because of its UniMount design, meaning it’s an excellent fit for most ATV models, The Drive reports.

And unlike other ATV plows, the Extreme Max mounts behind the wheels, allowing for a greater application of force. You can find this model on Amazon or through the manufacturer for about $430 to $489.

The WARN ProVantage plow has a unique ability

The WARN ProVantage is another ATV plow favorite, with a unique ability to push a massive quantity of snow in a variety of directions. And it tips forward when it encounters an obstacle, helping to reduce the risk of damage to the blade. This model will fit most major ATV brands, and Garden Beast says various sizes cost $200 to $400.

The WARN 78950 ProVantage plow is an affordable pick

Many industry experts recommend the WARN 78950 ProVantage. This heavy-duty model has an affordable $235 price. It features a boxed design that adds support and is made from super-thick 12-gauge steel. Its center cross member also offers more rigidity, perfect for pushing powder. However, this model does not have a top lip. 

The Kolpin 17-500 Switchblade plow is perfect for deep snow

NADA Guides recommends the Kolpin 17-500 Switchblade ATV plow for anyone who has to contend with deep, hard-packed snow. This heavy-duty plow is a little more complicated to mount, taking up to an hour to secure, but will fit most ATV and UTV models. The blade is adjustable between 60 and 72 inches. And it’s more expensive, with Amazon pricing hovering around $700 to $800.

The Black Boar snow plow kit is highly adjustable

Another great ATV plow option is the Black Boar snow plow kit. This plow combines adjustability and strength. There are nine blade positions and additional angles, perfect for a variety of landscapes. This blade fits most ATV models, and once mounted, it’s easy to remove and replace independently. This snow plow kit costs around $350.

So if you live where the winter brings several inches or feet of snow, you likely use your ATV to help with plowing. And these plows are some of the best for the job. Check out these options before the flurries start falling.


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