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Technology is rapidly increasing the pace of life as we know it. Sometimes that speedy pace makes us want to put the breaks on. Other times it can work for us, like listing older cars when we are in the market to sell.

After scouring the app store, we found 5 apps to help sell your car faster than traditional methods. You may be surprised to learn how easy and efficient this the process of selling your vehicle through an app on your phone really can be. 

5 Apps To Help Sell Your Car Faster

2020 Subaru Outback
2020 Subaru Outback | Subaru

The Appraisal Lane

The Appraisal Lane will deliver a guaranteed offer in 30 minutes or less, during business hours seven days a week. Through the app, buyers connect to a live team of expert appraisers. The app walks them through a step by step process to get great pictures of their car. After submitting the photos buyers will receive an offer for trade-in or cash at a dealership nearest to them. Can’t get there today? No problem. That offer will stand for 7 days or 300 miles. 


If you can snap a photo, you can sell your car on Blinker. This app acts as a tool to connect private party buyers and sellers. To list, users simply snap a photo of their car to gain information, like mileage and estimated value, about their car. The listing instantly goes out to buyers in CO, TX, CA, and FL. There is no fee to list and Blinker will even release current loan obligations and pays off the remaining balance and completes all paperwork when selling through their app.

2012 Honda Civic Coupe
2012 Honda Civic Coupe | Honda


The Tred app works in conjunction with and offers the most exposure opportunity of all, placing a listing on more than 20+ sites. Tred also provides considerably more customer service features than some of the other apps we looked at. Of course, these additional features mean additional costs.

Users pay $99 or .99% of the approved price at the time their listing sells and can cancel for free at any time. Sellers will always get to approve buyer negotiations on price before their listing sells. Once the price has been approved, Tred will transfer the buyer’s payment to the seller’s bank account seamlessly. They even handle the transfer paperwork saving an unwanted trip to the DMV.


Selling a car with SHIFT couldn’t be more simple. Download the app and get a free estimate of what your current vehicle value is. After receiving the estimate, an evaluator will come to the seller’s location to review the car. They will confirm the initial offer based on their evaluation and pick up the car right then. Payment is set up on the spot or the value can be applied as a trade-in on a new purchase. SHIFT will work with those in an existing loan or lease as well and process all DMV paperwork. 


Only have a minute? Hiveel boasts a 1 minute listing time to users in the market to sell their preowned car. This includes a free vehicle report to avoid potential issues when connecting with potential buyers. This app makes communication simple and addresses privacy concerns with all communication taking place within the app itself. 

Once you’ve sold your older car you’ll likely be in the market for other new things like insurance for your new car. You may be surprised how much a driver’s safety course can save you on insurance. Along with Carplay, be sure to download these apps new car owners love.