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Although pickup trucks are commonly used as family vehicles, they are built to handle harsh, arduous work conditions. Just because the steering wheel is lined with Alcantara and the carpets are plush doesn’t mean it’s any less a pillar of blue-collar life.

Automotive research firm iSeeCars recently conducted a study to see which vehicles would last the longest. They analyzed over two million cars produced and sold for at least 10 of the past 20 model years, ranking each by its highest mileage-achieving models. All 20 models on the list had at least 2.5 percent of the top-ranking 20 models clear 200,000 miles, and the top one percent delivered at least 230,000 miles.

Japanese brand pickup trucks dominated the reliability assessment. The Toyota Tundra took first place with 256,022 miles, and the Nissan Titan second with 233,295 miles. However, domestic brands made up half of the top 10. The following are the longest-lasting examples.

#5: Ram 1500 – 215,521 miles

pickup truck
2022 Ram 1500 Limited | Stellantis

Although the Ram has never beat out Ford’s F-150 in popularity, it remains a beloved pickup truck for MOPAR enthusiasts. Five generations of the 1500 have been built since the D100’s debut in 1980.

#4: Ford Ranger – 220,980 miles

pickup truck
2023 Ford Ranger XLT (left) Lariat (right) | Ford

The Ranger is the only lighter-duty pickup truck on the list. But the fourth-generation truck is still capable of getting work done. The nameplate has been used on multiple models of pickup trucks sold by Ford worldwide since 1982.

#3: GMC Sierra 1500 – 222,691 miles

pickup truck
2021 GMC Sierra | GMC

Mechanically identical to the Chevrolet 1500, the GMC Sierra is the more upscale version of a full-size pickup truck. With plenty of capable V8s to choose from, each is lauded for its long-lasting qualities.

#2: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – 230,515 miles

pickup truck
2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country (left), ZR2 (middle), and LT (right) | Chevrolet

The Silverado was originally introduced as the range-topping trim level on their C/K Series trucks. In 1999, it became the successor to General Motors’ pickups, selling well over 12 million over 24 years.

#1: Ford F-150 – 232,650 miles

pickup truck
2021 Ford F-150 | Ford

The Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling vehicles of all time. Through 14 generations, over 40 million have left dealerships and served their owners across North America.

How to help your pickup truck last at least 215,000 miles

Pickup trucks have a reputation for being some of the most durable vehicles on the market. But like any other automobile, they won’t last long if they aren’t cared for. To keep your pickup truck running well for a long time, it’s essential to perform short and long-term maintenance.

Regular oil changes and fluid checks are a must. Each manufacturer will list the points in the truck’s life when each should be checked. Since the tires are the truck’s contact point on the road, they must be watched carefully. Rotating tires every other oil change and ensuring they’re balancing and aligned will help the suspension components remain in top shape. Moreover, it’s important to understand what the truck is being used for and tailor maintenance to fit usage. For example, if one does a lot of towing, keeping an eye on transmission temperature under load is vital. Also, checking and changing the fluid more if towing is a significant part of the truck life.


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